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Rosenqvist stays clear to win red-flagged, crash-filled race two

by Peter Allen
Felix Rosenqvist

Photo: FIA F3 European Championship

Felix Rosenqvist collected his second FIA F3 European Championship win of the day at Monza, staying out front in a race two full of incident that was eventually red-flagged.

Cars rolled in two separate collisions. The most significant was when Lance Stroll performed a frightening somersault at Curva Grande early in the race.

The Canadian was defending fifth place from Antonio Giovinazzi on the run out of the first chicane. With the championship leader up against the grass on the left of the track, his front-right tyre made contact with Stroll’s rear-left.

The Italian F4 champion was sent pirouetting towards the barriers and was fortunate not to clear them before coming to rest on his remaining wheels in the gravel. Fortunately, he was soon out of the car and walking around.

That had triggered the second safety car period of the race. The first had come when second-place starter Charles Leclerc was forced to retire with front-left suspension damage after contact with Jake Dennis at the first chicane, as Rosenqvist held the lead from pole position.

The third safety car was required after Michele Beretta made contact with another car under braking for the first chicane, sending him left into the barriers and then rolling down the track.

The incident was only picked up by the television cameras when he came sliding into the back of shot as Mucke team-mate Maximilian Gunther spun after bouncing over the kerbs in an attempt to defend position.

There were six minutes left at the restart but the race was called for good when Matt Rao ran into Alessio Lorandi under braking into turn one.

Rosenqvist was thus the winner after staying out of reach of team-mate Dennis. With Giovinazzi and Leclerc both failing to score for the first time this season, Rosenqvist has moved to 16 points behind the Italian and one ahead of the Monegasque racer.

Mikkel Jensen made the podium for the second time in a day ahead of his Mucke team-mate Santino Ferrucci.

Gustavo Menezes had been fifth until running wide through the gravel under pressure from Brandon Maisano and George Russell, dropping him down the order. Markus Pommer, Pietro Fittipaldi, Raoul Hyman and Sam MacLeod completed the top 10.

UPDATE: The results have been taken a lap earlier, giving Menezes fifth place back ahead of Russell, Maisano, Pommer, Fittipaldi and Hyman. Only half points have been awarded, meaning Rosenqvist is now 28.5 points behind Giovinazzi and 11.5 behind Leclerc.

Race results
Pos Driver Team Time/Gap
1 Felix Rosenqvist Prema Powerteam 12 laps in 30:07.694
2 Jake Dennis Prema Powerteam +0.537
3 Mikkel Jensen Mucke Motorsport +1.039
4 Santino Ferrucci Mucke Motorsport +1.377
5 Gustavo Menezes Carlin +2.267
6 George Russell Carlin +2.513
7 Brandon Maisano Prema Powerteam +2.840
8 Markus Pommer Motopark +3.477
9 Pietro Fittipaldi Fortec Motorsports +4.686
10 Raoul Hyman West-Tec +5.661
11 Sergio Sette Camara Motopark +6.144
12 Sam MacLeod Motopark +6.373
13 Alessio Lorandi Van Amersfoort Racing +7.103
14 Callum Ilott Carlin +7.356
15 Matt Rao Fortec Motorsports +7.988
16 Artur Janosz Eurointernational +8.142
17 Martin Cao Fortec Motorsports +8.682
18 Nicolas Pohler Double R Racing +8.942
19 Matt Solomon Double R Racing +10.665
20 Arjun Maini Van Amersfoort Racing +10.732
21 Nabil Jeffri Motopark +11.267
22 Tatiana Calderon Carlin +11.441
23 Julio Moreno T-Sport +12.282
24 Mahaveer Raghunathan Motopark +14.519
25 Fabian Schiller West-Tec +14.733
26 Kang Ling Mucke Motorsport +15.422
27 Ryan Tveter Carlin +19.239
28 Dorian Boccolacci Signature +1:02.026
Not classified
Maximilian Gunther Mucke Motorsport +3 laps
Michele Beretta Mucke Motorsport +3 laps
Antonio Giovinazzi Carlin +9 laps
Lance Stroll Prema Powerteam +9 laps
Charles Leclerc Van Amersfoort Racing +12 laps