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Deletraz and Jorg lock out NEC qualifying for Josef Kaufmann Racing

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
Photo: Ferran Mallol / ASM / Renault Sport Media

Photo: Ferran Mallol / ASM / Renault Sport Media

Josef Kaufmann Racing’s Louis Deletraz and Kevin Jorg will start races one and two respectively of the Formula Renault 2.0 NEC event at Monza from pole.

Deletraz came out on top in session one after a close fight for pole with Euronova’s Ukyo Sasahara. The Japanese racer entered the final minute of the run leading Deletraz by 0.005s but was forced to settle for second after the Swiss man pulled off a late flyer to grab pole position.

After the checkered flag waved, Andrea Pizzitola slotted into third, with ART Junior Team’s Levin Amweg joining him on front row. Formula Renault 1.6 NEC champion Roy Geerts marked his debut with fifth, while Jorg secured sixth place.

Steijn Schothorst, who has five wins in the series to his name, was seventh, ahead of fellow FR2.0 veteran Alex Albon, while rookies Stefan Riener and Matthew Graham completed the top ten.

JKR’s top form continued to be apparent in session two, as Jorg set his benchmark relatively early on and remained in first until the end of the session. Deletraz got closest to toppling his compatriot’s pole lap, but eventually wound up 0.031s short, picking up a second front row start.

Schothorst took third, narrowly ahead of Sasahara, while Albon was fifth, half a second down on the polesitter. The rest of the top ten was within a tenth of the Thai racer – with JKR’s Gustav Malja leading Aurelien Panis, Graham, Callan O’Keeffe and Pizzitola.

Reigning series champions Fortec had a difficult two sessions, with Ben Barnicoat‘s P13 from Q2 winding up their best result across qualifying.

Qualifying results
Pos. Race 1 Pos. Race 2
1 Louis Deletraz 1 Kevin Jorg
2 Ukyo Sasahara 2 Louis Deletraz
3 Andrea Pizzitola 3 Steijn Schothorst
4 Levin Amweg 4 Ukyo Sasahara
5 Roy Geerts 5 Alexander Albon
6 Kevin Jorg 6 Gustav Malja
7 Steijn Schothorst 7 Aurelien Panis
8 Alexander Albon 8 Matthew Graham
9 Stefan Riener 9 Callan O’Keeffe
10 Matthew Graham 10 Andrea Pizzitola
11 Gregor Ramsay 11 Gregor Ramsay
12 Ryan Tveter 12 Levin Amweg
13 Jules Gounon 13 Ben Barnicoat
14 Callan O’Keeffe 14 Ryan Tveter
15 Aurelien Panis 15 Jules Gounon
16 Seb Morris 16 Josef Zaruba
17 Gustav Malja 17 Seb Morris
18 Ben Barnicoat 18 Roy Geerts
19 Philip Morin 19 Philip Morin
20 Raoul Owens 20 Raoul Owens
21 Jakub Dalewski 21 Stefan Riener
22 Jake Hughes 22 Martin Kodric
23 Josef Zaruba 23 Jakub Dalewski
24 Leopold Ringbom 24 Jake Hughes
25 Nicholas Surguladze 25 Leopold Ringbom
26 Martin Kodric 26 Julio Moreno
27 Julio Moreno 27 Nicholas Surguladze
28 Danyil Pronenko 28 Jorge Cevallos
29 Robin Hansson 29 Robin Hansson
30 Jorge Cevallos 30 Danyil Pronenko
31 Andrea Baiguera 31 Andrea Baiguera
32 David Richert 32 David Richert