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Bernier defeats David for first French F4 win in Paul Ricard season finale

by Peter Allen

French Formula 4 junior champion Victor Bernier beat the outright title-winner Hadrien David in the final race of the season at Paul Ricard to claim his maiden overall victory.

David kept the lead at the start from pole position under attack from fellow front-row starter Bernier, who in turn had to fend off third-placed Nicky Hays later around the opening lap.

Bernier then overtook David for the lead down the back straight on lap two and was able to pull away thereafter, finishing up 5.97 seconds clear as he secured fourth in the overall standings.

Hays dropped away from David and was passed in consecutive laps mid-race by Gillian Henrion and Isack Hadjar.

Henrion went after David and caught him on the final lap, the pair racing side-by-side to the finish line where David held on by just 0.045s.

Jules Mettetal passed Enzo Valente for sixth at the final corner late on, with debutant Sami Meguetounif taking eighth ahead of Simon Ohlin and Mikkel Grundtvig.

David’s title rival Reshad de Gerus finished a torrid final weekend point-less in 14th place.


Race results
Pos Driver Time
1 Victor Bernier 10 laps
2 Hadrien David +5.970s
3 Gillian Henrion +6.015s
4 Isack Hadjar +6.840s
5 Nicky Hays +11.971s
6 Jules Mettetal +12.196s
7 Enzo Valente +13.072s
8 Sami Meguetounif +15.748s
9 Simon Ohlin +16.059s
10 Mikkel Grundtvig +16.698s
11 Paul-Adrien Pallot +17.361s
12 Esteban Masson +21.471s
13 Evan Spenle +25.339s
14 Reshad de Gerus +28.633s
15 Valdemar Eriksen +27.633s
16 Vladislav Lomko +28.965s
17 Bryson Lew +33.412s
18 Enzo Joulie +53.463s
Ret Ugo Gazil
Ret Stuart White
Ret Pierre-Francois Duriani
Ret Mathis Poulet
Ret Sten van der Henst
Fastest lap: Bernier, 2m14.994s

Championship standings
Overall? ?1 David 279? ?2 de Gerus 233.5? ?3 Hays 173? ?4 Bernier 152? ?5 Henrion 126? ?6 Valente 121? ?7 Hadjar 118? ?8 Spenle 97? ?9 White 97? ?10 van der Henst 87.5

FIA? ?1 David 268.5? ?2 de Gerus 240.5? ?3 Hays 189? ?4 Henrion 155? ? 5 Valente 147? ?6 Spenle 130? ?7 White 123.5? ?8 van der Henst 115? ?9 Mettetal 92? ?10 Gazil 87

Junior? 1 Bernier 330.5? ?2 Hadjar 282? ?3 Pallot 253.5