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Mads Hoe wins Danish F4 opener at Ring Djursland, Noda hit out

by Ida Wood

Photo: Formel 4 DK

Formula 5 driver Mads Hoe won the first Danish Formula 4 race of the weekend at Ring Djursland, as Juju Noda was spun out of a podium position.

Noda started the race from pole, but span her rear wheels off the line – despite being on a flatter starting spot than most of her rivals – and immediately lost the lead to Italian F4 regular Sebastian Ogaard.

The Dane pulled away by several seconds in just the opening lap, but once Hoe cleared Noda on lap two he set about whittling Ogaard’s lead down. In the final third of the race the gap started to decrease rapidly, and Hoe made it into the lead with a few laps to go.

He then started to pull away, while an ongoing battle for the final podium spot raged on.

Noda had been third for the first two thirds of the race before Benjamin Frislund spun her around with a late lunge after she left the door open at one of the hairpins. That put her a lap down, and promoted F5 runner Lucas Daugaard into third.

Daugaard was then tracked back down by Frislund and his Team FSP team-mate William Wulf, and Frislund then had to take two penalty laps (in effect taking the widest line through the first corner) that dropped him back to fifth.

He got back past Daugaard, but ran out of time to close back in on Wulf, who was also penalised for a jumped start.

Championship leader Conrad Laursen finished sixth, while Noda kept on going and scored a point in 10th.


Race results (19 laps) [F5 entrants in italics]
Pos Name Team Time
1 Mads Hoe Mads Hoe Motorsport 16m16.468s
2 Sebastian Ogaard Team FSP +0.922s
3 William Wulf Team FSP +19.280s
4 Benjamin Frislund Team FSP +21.283s
5 Lucas Daugaard Daugaard Racing +22.655s
6 Conrad Laursen Team FSP +22.931s
7 Jacob Bjerring Mads Hoe Motorsport +31.951s
8 Line Sonderskov Sonderskov Motorsport +44.894s
9 Niels Einar Rytter Rytteriet +45.267s
10 Juju Noda Noda Racing +1 lap
11 Mille Hoe Mads Hoe Motorsport +1 lap
Pole: Noda, 50.148s      Fastest lap: Mads Hoe, 50.232s

Championship standings
1 Laursen 114   2 Frislund 97   3 Mads Hoe 88   4 Wulf 86   5 Noda 79   6 Ogaard 71   7 Daugaard 50   8 Bjerring 36   9 Christoffer Christensen 26   10 Sonderskov 22