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BRDC British F3 and British F4 test on Brands Hatch’s GP layout

by Ida Wood

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography

BRDC British Formula 3 and British Formula 4 shared Brands Hatch’s Grand Prix layout on Thursday for a test day.

It started in wet and windy conditions, and Hitech GP’s Bart Horsten initially set the pace. Arden’s Alex Connor went top with 12 minutes to go of session one, and improved to remain there until the end ahead of Carlin’s Zak O’Sullivan, Horsten and Douglas Motorsport’s Dexter Patterson.

Chris Dittmann Racing’s Max Mazorati completed seven laps on the slippy track, while motorsport returnee Mikkel Grundtvig off the pace for Fortec Motorsports. He joined the team earlier this week for the private test at Silverstone.

In the F4 classification it was Carlin’s Dougie Bolger who was fastest, while slowest was French F4 racer Aiden Neate who completed three laps in one of Argenti Motorsport’s cars.

Connor was the only F3 driver who didn’t go faster in session two, as the weather improved and Fortec’s Roberto Faria set the pace. He ended up three tenths of a second ahead of Hitech’s Reece Ushijima, Carlin’s Christian Mansell and Arden’s Frederick Lubin.

Bolger’s team-mate Roman Bilinski took over at the top in F4, while Fortec’s points leader James Hedley only set three laps and was then not seen on track for the rest of the day.

The sun came out and the track dried for the afternoon, with laptimes improving by 15 seconds.

O’Sullivan topped the first dry session with a 1m21.486s lap, over half a second faster than Patterson and with Horsten the only other driver within a second of the pace. Bilinski again was quickest in F4, this time with a 1m28.144s lap and also with an advantage of over 0.5s. JHR Developments’ Matthew Rees and Carlin’s Kai Askey were his closest rivals.

Connor and Horsten traded top spot in session four, which was stopped twice, and as the chequered flag flew O’Sullivan went to the top and his Carlin team-mates Mansell and Bryce Aron also jumped up to the top positions.

Ushijima didn’t set laps, while team-mate Sebastian Alvarez and Patterson failed to improve on their session three pace.

Argenti’s Eduardo Coseteng set the F4 pace, as team-mate Neate ended the day by stopping on track, with Bilinski second fastest overall thanks to his previous benchmark. JHR’s Joseph Loake and Askey were second and third in the session.

Test results
Pos Name Team Time Gap Laps
1 Zak O’Sullivan Carlin 1m21.039s 67
2 Bart Horsten Hitech GP 1m21.423s +0.384s 62
3 Christian Mansell Carlin 1m21.501s +0.462s 65
4 Bryce Aron Carlin 1m21.729s +0.462s 68
5 Frederik Lubin Arden 1m21.926s +0.887s 55
6 Alex Connor Arden 1m21.977s +0.938s 69
7 Dexter Patterson Douglas Motorsport 1m21.988s +0.949s 52
8 Alex Fores Chris Dittmann Racing 1m22.286s +1.247s 57
9 Tom Lebbon Elite Motorsport 1m22.383s +1.344s 52
10 Javier Sagrera Elite Motorsport 1m22.417s +1.378s 59
11 Roberto Faria Fortec Motorsports 1m22.696s +1.657s 58
12 Ayrton Simmons Chris Dittmann Racing 1m22.747s +1.708s 64
13 Jorge Garfias Elite Motorsport 1m23.189s +2.150s 66
14 Reece Ushijima Hitech GP 1m23.563s +2.524s 37
15 Sebastian Alvarez Hitech GP 1m23.778s +2.739s 66
16 Max Marzorati Chris Dittmann Racing 1m24.192s +3.153s 52
17 Reema Juffali Douglas Motorsport 1m24.323s +3.284s 60
18 Mikkel Grundtvig Fortec Motorsports 1m24.339s +3.300s 56
British F4
1 Eduardo Coseteng Argenti Motorsport 1m27.908s 59
2 Roman Bilinski Carlin 1m28.144s +0.236s 60
3 Joseph Loake JHR Developments 1m28.260s +0.352s 59
4 Kai Askey Carlin 1m28.293s +0.385s 51
5 Joel Granfors Fortec Motorsports 1m28.432s +0.524s 57
6 Oliver Gray Fortec Motorsports 1m28.435s +0.527s 62
7 Marcos Flack Argenti Motorsport 1m28.501s +0.593s 61
8 McKenzy Cresswell JHR Developments 1m28.543s +0.635s 56
9 Abbi Pulling JHR Developments 1m28.597s +0.689s 60
10 Matias Zagazeta Argenti Motorsport 1m28.632s +0.724s 61
11 Matthew Rees JHR Developments 1m28.682s +0.774s 58
12 Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak Carlin 1m29.066s +1.158s 55
13 Dougie Bolger Carlin 1m29.117s +1.209s 58
14 Thomas Ikin Arden 1m29.301s +1.393s 59
15 Zak Taylor Arden 1m29.302s +1.394s 61
16 Aiden Neate Argenti Motorsport 1m29.439s +1.531s 39
17 James Hedley Fortec Motorsports 1m44.726s +16.818s 19