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Alex Lynn secures second win of the season at Norisring

by Valentin Khorounzhiy

Photo: FIA F3 European Championship

British driver Alex Lynn was victorious in race two at Norisring, taking the lead on lap one and dominantly controlling the rest of the race to score his second victory of the 2013 European F3 season.

Lynn lined up on the front row, behind series leader and teammate Raffaele Marciello, and, as the pair got off the line relatively well, they made contact into turn one. While Lynn managed to resume unimpeded, Marciello was forced wide and ended up falling back into third behind Mucke’s Felix Rosenqvist, later giving up two more positions on the road.

The rest of the race was fairly ordinary, with Marciello providing most of the action in the top five. First, the Italian took fourth back from Pipo Derani and then slotted in behind Alexander Sims, who was in pursuit of Rosenqvist. While the Brit has gotten close to taking second a couple of times, eventually it was Marciello who overtook the T-Sport man, settling into third.

At the checkered flag, it was Lynn who won a largely trouble-free race. Rosenqvist finished in second, but with the threat of disqualification still hanging over him after his car’s fuel was found to not comply to the standards after qualifying. He was, again, absent from the podium.

Marciello rounded out the top three, with Sims finishing fourth. Pipo Derani held teammate Felix Serralles off for the majority of the race to finish fifth, while Tom Blomqvist crossed the line in seventh.

Carlin teammates Harry Tincknell and Jordan King followed in eighth and ninth respectively, with King going through on Nick Cassidy in the final minutes of the race.? Michael Lewis also took?advantage of the move, slotting in in tenth ahead of the Kiwi.

Race results
Pos. Driver Team Time/Gap
1 Alex Lynn Prema Powerteam 42 laps in 34:22.297
2 Felix Rosenqvist* Mucke Motorsport +1.257
3 Raffaele Marciello Prema Powerteam 2.355
4 Alexander Sims ThreeBond/T-Sport 3.258
5 Pipo Derani Fortec 11.396
6 Felix Serralles Fortec 12.271
7 Tom Blomqvist EuroInternational 12.672
8 Harry Tincknell Carlin 13.647
9 Jordan King Carlin 19.545
10 Michael Lewis Mucke Motorsport 20.098
11 Nick Cassidy EuroInternational 21.008
12 Daniil Kvyat Carlin 21.327
13 Lucas Auer Prema Powerteam 25.377
14 Lucas Wolf URD Rennsport 27.685
15 Roy Nissany Mucke Motorsport 34.228
16 Eddie Cheever Prema Powerteam 36.076
17 Sven Muller ma-con 36.792
18 Dennis van de Laar Van Amersfoort 41.601
19 Nicholas Latifi Carlin 44.460
20 Andre Rudersdorf ma-con 44.616
21 Sean Gelael Double R Racing 44.702
22 Mitchell Gilbert Mucke Motorsport 46.229
23 Antonio Giovinazzi Double R Racing +1 lap
24 Spike Goddard ThreeBond/T-Sport +1 lap
25 Sandro Zeller Jo Zeller Racing +1 lap
26 Tatiana Calderon Double R Racing +1 lap
27 Jann Mardenborough Carlin +1 lap
28 Michela Cerruti Romeo Ferraris +2 laps

* Felix Rosenqvist was excluded from the official classification but coult retain his P2 due to an appeal filed by Mucke