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Ogaard wins, Noda third in Danish F4 race two at Jyllandsringen

by Ida Wood

Team FSP’s Sebastian Ogaard won the partially reversed grid Danish Formula 4 race at Jyllandsringen, with Juju Noda holding on to the points lead by finishing on the podium.

Formula 5 drivers Jacob Bjerring and Lucas Daugaard started on the front row, but William Wulf had a stronger start in his F4 car and led at the end of the first lap.

He stretched that lead out to almost two seconds as his F4 rivals got stuck behind Mads Hoe Motorsport driver Bjerring.

Ogaard was the first to get through, and the gap to Wulf was diminished when the race went under yellow flag conditions.

The restart seemed to favour the F4 drivers, with Bjeering quickly succumbing to Team FSP’s Conrad Laursen and Noda Racing driver Noda.

It only took a lap for Ogaard to then pass Wulf for the lead, and he then pulled away to win comfortably.

Noda passed Laursen for third not long after the restart too, and while she closed in open-top sportscar convert Wulf, she couldn’t get close enough to the Dane to take second place from him.

A great move on the final lap meant F5 class winner Mads Hoe beat Team FSP’s F4 driver Benjamin Frislund to fifth, while Bjerring and Daugaard sank to seventh and eighth.


Race results (12 laps) [F5 entrants in italics]
Pos Name Team Time
1 Sebastian Ogaard Team FSP 16m27.111s
2 William Wulf Team Wulf +2.773s
3 Juju Noda Noda Racing +3.232s
4 Conrad Laursen Team FSP +3.512s
5 Mads Hoe Mads Hoe Motorsport +7.257s
6 Benjamin Frislund Team FSP +7.992s
7 Jacob Bjerring Mads Hoe Motorsport +8.560s
8 Lucas Daugaard Daugaard Racing +9.970s
Christoffer Christensen
Mads Hoe Motorsport +14.150s
10 Brian Steen +21.205s
Jannik Sadolin
12 Line Sonderskov Sonderskov Motorsport +26.102s
13 Niels Ejnar Rytter +26.515s
14 Mille Hoe Mads Hoe Motorsport +37.091s
15 Klaus Gylvig +39.563s
16 Tore Sten Nielsen +48.774s
17 Jorgen Hummeluhr Jorgen Hummeluhr +48.863s
Ret Ulrik Steen Hansen
Fastest lap: Ogaard, 1m07.780s

Championship standings
1 Noda 40   2 Ogaard 35   3 Laursen 30   4 Wulf 26   5 Mads Hoe 25   6 Frislund 20   7 Daugaard 10   8 Bjerring 10   9 Hansen 2   10 Christensen 2