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Noel Leon’s NACAM F4 lead grows at Miguel E. Abed

by Ida Wood

Ram Racing’s Noel Leon extended his NACAM Formula 4 lead with a win and two other podiums at Autodromo Miguel E. Abed.

His Scuderia Martiga rival Nico Christodoulou was on average the quicker driver over the weekend, and after beating Leon to pole for race one he went on take a comfortable win by 3.261 seconds.

Pablo Perez de Lara took third place for RPL Racing, as the debuting Reece Gold just pipped Jose Garfias Martinez for fourth. Further back were Gold’s fellow Americans David Morales and Nolan Siegel, who finished sixth and seventh on the roval.

The top seven were reversed for the grid of race two, and Martiga’s Siegel looked in control of the race until the final few laps, when he dropped to seventh. RPL driver Garfias Martinez inherited the lead, with Siegel’s team-mate Gold in tow, while Siegel finished a disappointed sixth.

Leon and Christodoulou were third and fourth, and were joined by Siegel in the battle for race three victory. The advantage of pole position was used well by Leon, who kept in the lead as the Martiga duo tried to take bites out of him.

At the end of the race the three were separated by 1.310s, with Leon leading Siegel and Christodoulou.

Championship frontrunner Emiliano Richards was absent from his RPL seat, and it is unknown whether he will return to the series at the next round.

Results round-up
Race 1 (17 laps)
1 Nico Christrodoulou Scuderia Martiga 25m04.037s
2 Noel Leon Ram Racing +3.261s
3 Pablo Perez de Lara RPL Racing +5.343s
4 Reece Gold Scuderia Martiga +6.791s
5 Jose Garfias Martinez RPL Racing +6.926s
6 David Morales Euromotor Sport +19.863s
7 Nolan Siegel Scuderia Martiga +20.408s
8 Alex Garcia Ram Racing +21.236s
9 Andres Perez de Lara RPL Racing +25.682s
10 Daniel Forcadell Easy-Shop.com Racing +33.780s
Pole: Christodoulou, 1m33.072s
Fastest lap: Christodoulou, 1m32.823s

Race 2 (17 laps)
1 Garfias Martinez 26m46.269s
2 Gold +1.734s
3 Leon +2.379s
4 Christodoulou +2.619s
5 A Perez de Lara +8.561s
6 Siegel +18.974s
7 Alex Servin Air Bit +23.737s
8 P Perez de Lara +23.839s
9 Garcia +34.198s
10 Forcadell +36.074s
FL: Christodoulou, 1m33.310s

Race 3 (17 laps)
1 Leon 30m01.261s
2 Siegel +0.741s
3 Christodoulou +1.310s
4 Garfias Martinez +7.065s
5 A Perez de Lara +8.403s
6 Gold +9.396s
7 P Perez de Lara +9.702s
8 Forcadell +12.911s
9 Daniel Escoto FF&R IBC Group +16.819s
10 Chara Mansur Ram Racing +22.357s
P: Leon, 1m33.327s
FL: Christodoulou, 1m33.069s

Championship standings
1 Leon 159? ?2 Christodoulou 130? ?3 A Perez de Lara 104? ?4 Garfias Martinez 88? ?5 P Perez de Lara 68? ?6 Siegel 46? ?7 Gold 38? ?8 Garcia 30? ?9 Emiliano Richards 28? ?10 Escoto 25