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Marti tops Spanish F4 practice at Barcelona, Dimitrov joins Drivex

by Ida Wood

Photo: Spanish F4

Campos Racing’s Pepe Marti set the pace in the free practice for the final round of the Spanish Formula 4 season at Barcelona.

Practice was split into two sessions over two days, with Friday featuring FP1 and a pre-event test session.

Sebastian Ogaard was fastest for Campos in the test, setting a 1m47.616s that put him 0.091 seconds clear of MP Motorsport’s Rik Koen and 0.157s up on Formula de Campeones’ Quique Bordas.

The laptimes improved when the cars returned to track in the afternoon for official running, and it was champion Dilano van’t Hoff who set a new benchmark of 1m47.036s. He was 0.114s faster than Marti, who had a gap of just 0.022s to Koen, while his MP team-mate Georg Kelstrup and Formula de Campeones’ Daniel Macia were also within four tenths of the pace.

FP2 took place first thing on Saturday morning, and Marti headed team-mate Ogaard at the top of the timesheet by 0.029s as they broke into the 1m46s.

van’t Hoff’s very last lap brought him up to third place and sub-1m47s, which his team-mate Suleiman Zanfari was also able to do.

Macia completed the top five almost a quarter of a second back, while Koen ended free practice in sixth overall despite not improving on his FP1 best. Kelstrup, on the same run plan, also failed to improve from his Friday pace and Drivex School’s Guilherme Oliveira and Branden Lee Oxley suffered the same.

Drivex had six cars on track, as it has an additional entry for Barcelona in the form of Georgi Dimitrov. He competed part-time in British F4 this year as a rookie, but was still able to pick up three wins.

He takes the place of Slovakian Lucas Malek, who debuted with Drivex in the previous round but will race for Global Racing Service at Barcelona. Oliver Michl is also back on the grid with Teo Martin Motorsport after being absent from Jerez.

Free practice results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Pepe Marti Campos Racing 1m46.889s 25
2 Sebastian Ogaard Campos Racing 1m46.918s +0.029s 27
3 Dilano van’t Hoff MP Motorsport 1m46.988s +0.099s 27
4 Suleiman Zanfari MP Motorsport 1m46.991s +0.102s 28
5 Daniel Macia Formula de Campeones 1m47.134s +0.245s 34
6 Rik Koen MP Motorsport 1m47.172s +0.283s 26
7 Filip Jenic Teo Martin Motorsport 1m47.189s +0.300s 31
8 Georg Kelstrup MP Motorsport 1m47.408s +0.519s 26
9 Max Arkhangelskiy Drivex School 1m47.446s +0.557s 33
10 Quique Bordas Formula de Campeones 1m47.505s +0.616s 34
11 Manuel Esperito Santo MP Motorsport 1m47.607s +0.718s 22
12 Noah Abramczyck Drivex School 1m47.670s +0.781s 30
13 Gil Molina MP Motorsport 1m47.680s +0.791s 28
14 Noah Degnbol MP Motorsport 1m47.704s +0.815s 28
15 Vladislav Ryabov GRS 1m47.707s +0.818s 25
16 Oliver Michl Teo Martin Motorsort 1m47.761s +0.872s 30
17 Miron Pingasov MP Motorsport 1m47.802s +0.913s 24
18 Alex Garcia Campos Racing 1m47.810s +0.921s 26
19 Emely de Heus MP Motorsport 1m47.921s +1.032s 27
20 Guilherme Oliveira Drivex School 1m47.974s +1.085s 29
21 Lucas Malek GRS 1m48.036s +1.147s 28
22 Branden Lee Oxley Drivex School 1m48.214s +1.325s 29
23 Georgi Dimitrov Drivex School 1m48.410s +1.521s 34
24 Lola Lovinfosse Drivex School 1m48.427s +1.538s 32
25 Alex Partyshev Campos Racing 1m48.428s +1.539s 28
26 Jorge Campos Teo Martin Motorsort 1m48.691s +1.802s 32