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Markelov goes quickest in Friday running ahead of TRS opener

by Gruz David
Artem Markelov

Photo: Toyota Racing NZ

Artem Markelov posted the fastest time of Friday’s running ahead of the opening round of the Toyota Racing Series at Ruapuna.

Three further sessions were held with the whole field taking part in each of them.

The M2 Competition dominance by?Arjun Maini and Brandon Maisano on Thursday was replaced by Giles Motorsport being the quickest team of the day. Behind Markelov, James Munro, Sam MacLeod and Alfonso Celis Jr. recorded the second, third and fifth fastest times of the day with only Maini being able to break ?that trend in fourth.

Maisano and?Maini topped the opening session, beginning as they had left off on Thursday. Lance Stroll and Charlie Eastwood followed closely behind, forming a top-four lock-out for the M2 Competition squad. Australian Thomas Randle was fifth ahead of Briton Sam MacLeod.

After the lunch break, Maini had a solid three-tenths lead in the second session over the close trio of Stroll, Stefan Riener and Maisano.?? Riener’s fellow Austrian and Victory team-mate Ferdinand Habsburg was fifth, with Randle in sixth.

The third session saw GP2 regular Markelov emerging as fastest with the overall best time of the day, even managing to beat Maini’s Thursday benchmark by two hundredths.

Three of his teammates at Giles Motorsport, Munro,?MacLeod and Celis?made it to the top four. Maisano was fifth and? another Giles driver Santino Ferrucci was sixth.

The action will resume on Saturday with two qualifying sessions and the opening race of the season.

Combined testing results
Pos. Driver Team S1 S2 S3
1 Artem Markelov Giles Motorsport 1:18.511 1:18.789 1:16.960
2 James Munro Giles Motorsport 1:19.025 1:18.913 1:17.227
3 Sam MacLeod Giles Motorsport 1:18.076 1:18.380 1:17.303
4 Arjun Maini M2 Competition 1:17.697 1:17.369 1:18.568
5 Alfonso Celis Jnr Giles Motorsport 1:18.762 1:19.157 1:17.560
6 Brandon Maisano M2 Competition 1:17.572 1:17.719 1:17.609
7 Lance Stroll M2 Competition 1:17.867 1:17.654 1:17.924
8 Stefan Riener Victory Motor Racing 1:18.529 1:17.676 1:17.964
9 Santino Ferrucci Giles Motorsport 1:18.783 1:18.077 1:17.839
10 Ferdinand Habsburg Victory Motor Racing 1:19.335 1:17.895 1:18.599
11 Thomas Randle ETEC Motorsport 1:18.061 1:17.896 1:17.996
12 Damon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 1:18.865 1:17.901 1:18.011
13 Charlie Eastwood M2 Competition 1:17.918 1:18.293 1:18.412
14 Dzhon Simonyan Giles Motorsport 1:18.860 1:18.303 1:17.926
15 Brendon Leitch Victory Motor Racing No Time 1:18.022 1:18.568
16 Callum Ilott ETEC Motorsport 1:22.413 1:18.356 1:18.113
17 Matteo Ferrer ETEC Motorsport 1:18.326 1:18.182 1:18.190
18 Mathias Kristensen M2 Competition 1:18.353 1:18.714 1:18.620
19 Jamie Conroy M2 Competition 1:19.132 1:19.447 1:18.675
20 Nikita Mazepin ETEC Motorsport 1:19.275 1:18.904 1:19.476

Personal best time in bold
Best time of session in italics