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Marciello takes two poles, Rosenqvist one at F3 decider

by Peter Allen
Raffaele Marciello

Photo: FIA F3 European Championship/Thomas Suer

Raffaele Marciello will start on pole twice at the FIA F3 European Championship season finale at Hockenheim, with main rival Felix Rosenqvist claiming top spot for the remaining race

Marciello – who holds a 45.5 point lead over Rosenqvist with 75 available in the three races – claimed top spot for race one and race three as a result of setting the pace in both segments of qualifying.

The Ferrari protege posted a 1m33.778s in the first session, nine hundredths of a second faster than his Swedish rival. Marciello then managed to lower his time to 1m33.495, with Rosenqvist again only narrowly missing out, this time by 0.068s.

Mucke Motorsport driver Rosenqvist was rewarded for his pace with pole for race two courtesy of having the best second-quickest time from the first session. Marciello will join him on the front.

Behind the two title contenders, Harry Tincknell secured third on the grid for both race one and race three.

Prema pair Alex Lynn and Lucas Auer will start fourth and fifth respectively in race one, with Van Amersfoort Racing duo Sven Muller and Dennis van de Laar keeping up their pace from practice to take sixth and seventh. Antonio Giovinazzi was eighth ahead of Kevin Korjus, making his series debut with T-Sport in order to qualify for Macau. Jordan King completed the top ten for the first session.

Lynn claimed third on the grid for race two ahead of Tincknell, with Auer, Giovinazzi, Muller, King, van de Laar and Korjus the order of the rest of the top ten.

Auer will start fourth in race three ahead of King and Nick Cassidy, who took an impressive sixth on his second appearance of the year. Giovinazzi completed a fine set of grid positions with seventh, ahead of Felix Serralles, Tom Blomqvist and?Eddie Cheever.

Lynn languished all the way down in 20th in the second session but will still be ahead of F3 returnee Stefano Coletti who will start 28th and last for the third race. He will be 24th and 25th in the earlier two races.

Race grids

Pos. Race 1 Pos. Race 2 Pos. Race 3
1 Raffaele Marciello 1 Felix Rosenqvist 1 Raffaele Marciello
2 Felix Rosenqvist 2 Raffaele Marciello 2 Felix Rosenqvist
3 Harry Tincknell 3 Alex Lynn 3 Harry Tincknell
4 Alex Lynn 4 Harry Tincknell 4 Lucas Auer
5 Lucas Auer 5 Lucas Auer 5 Jordan King
6 Sven Muller 6 Antonio Giovinazzi 6 Nick Cassidy
7 Dennis van de Laar 7 Sven Muller 7 Antonio Giovinazzi
8 Antonio Giovinazzi 8 Jordan King 8 Felix Serralles
9 Kevin Korjus 9 Dennis van de Laar 9 Tom Blomqvist
10 Jordan King 10 Kevin Korjus 10 Eddie Cheever
11 Eddie Cheever 11 Eddie Cheever 11 Nicholas Latifi
12 Felix Serralles 12 Felix Serralles 12 Pipo Derani
13 Pipo Derani 13 Pipo Derani 13 Sven Muller
14 John Bryant-Meisner 14 Tom Blomqvist 14 John Bryant-Meisner
15 Nick Cassidy 15 Nick Cassidy 15 Dennis van de Laar
16 Tom Blomqvist 16 John Bryant-Meisner 16 Michael Lewis
17 Jann Mardenborough 17 Nicholas Latifi 17 Mitchell Gilbert
18 Nicholas Latifi 18 Mitchell Gilbert 18 Jann Mardenborough
19 Mitchell Gilbert 19 Michael Lewis 19 Lucas Wolf
20 Michael Lewis 20 Jann Mardenborough 20 Alex Lynn
21 Roy Nissany 21 Roy Nissany 21 Kevin Korjus
22 Lucas Wolf 22 Sean Gelael 22 Andre Rudersdorf
23 Sean Gelael 23 Lucas Wolf 23 Roy Nissany
24 Stefano Coletti 24 Sandro Zeller 24 Spike Goddard
25 Andre Rudersdorf 25 Stefano Coletti 25 Sean Gelael
26 Spike Goddard 26 Spike Goddard 26 Tatiana Calderon
27 Sandro Zeller 27 Tatiana Calderon 27 Sandro Zeller
28 Tatiana Calderon 28 Andre Rudersdorf 28 Stefano Coletti