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Leclerc claims FRAC points lead with race two win at Dubai Autodrome

by Jordan Edwards

Photo: FRAC

Arthur Leclerc won the second Formula Regional Asian Championship race of the weekend at Dubai Autodrome ahead of Mumbai Falcons team-mate Dino Beganovic.

Leclerc had a strong launch off the line and took the lead from reversed grid pole-sitter Pierre-Louis Chovet on the run into the first corner with Isack Hadjar also rising into second place.

Meanwhile Dilano van’t Hoff and Gabriel Bortoleto retired as they made contact in an incident which prompted a first safety car interruption. Leclerc led a controlled restart after, holding the lead comfortably and then stretching out a gap to Hadjar in second place.

Beganovic began to put the pressure on Hitech GP’s Hadjar on lap five of 17, after Chovet had moved back into second and started hassling Leclerc, and this gave a chance to race one winner Hadrien David and Pepe Marti to close in on the frontrunners.

Hadjar had to defend down the pit straight from Beganovic, but this actually allowed him to stick to the rear of his car.

Chovet began to think about setting up an overtake on Leclerc after half-distance, the pair battling side by side before Chovet went wide into the dust on the kerbs. Hadjar and Beganovic slipped through, while fastest lap owner David was also quickly closing in behind.

The next lap Beganovic made a move down the inside of Hadjar, giving Chovet the opportunity to move up again and Leclerc the chance to get breathing room up front.

But then a second safety car interruption came, after Sebastian Montoya retired in an incident at the final corner, and Leclerc had to handle another restart.

He controlled it well, and led home fellow Ferrari junior Beganovic. Hadjar beat David to the final podium spot, and Chovet was sixth behind Lorenzo Fluxa.

A pointsless finish for Hitech’s Gabriele Mini, as well as Montoya’s retirement, means the previous points leaders have now dropped back and Leclerc leads the standings.

Race results (17 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Arthur Leclerc Mumbai Falcons 31m19.093s
2 Dino Beganovic Mumbai Falcons +0.560s
3 Isack Hadjar Hitech GP +1.222s
4 Hadrien David 3Y by R-ace GP +1.667s
5 Lorenzo Fluxa 3Y by R-ace GP +2.087s
6 Pierre-Louis Chovet BlackArts Racing +2.654s
7 Pepe Marti Pinnacle Motorsport +3.364s
8 Leonardo Fornaroli Hitech GP +3.984s
9 Jak Crawford Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema +4.438s
10 Paul Aron Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema +4.850s
11 Nicola Marinangeli Evans GP +5.455s
12 Frederick Lubin Evans GP +6.106s
13 Gabriele Mini Hitech GP +6.912s
14 Levente Revesz Evans GP Academy +7.422s
15 David Morales Evans GP Academy +7.796s
16 Joshua Dufek Hitech GP +8.599s
17 Hamda Al Qubaisi Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema +9.486s
18 Ayato Iwasaki Pinnacle Motorsport +9.846s
19 Amna Al Qubaisi Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema +10.423s
20 Khaled Al Qubaisi Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema +11.802s
21 Salih Yoluc Pinnacle Motorsport +12.103s
22 Thomas Luedi BlackArts Racing +14.547s
Ret Sebastian Montoya Mumbai Falcons
Ret Dilano van’t Hoff Pinnacle Motorsport
Ret Gabriel Bortoleto 3Y by R-ace GP
Ret Oliver Goethe 3Y by R-ace GP
Fastest lap: David, 1m35.329s

Championship standings
1 Leclerc 67   2 Montoya 53   3 Hadjar 46   4 Mini 43   5 Bortoleto 42   6 Fluxa 40   7 David 39   8 Crawford 38   9 Beganovic 38   10 Marti 36