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Liam Lawson wins Toyota Racing Series race three at Teretonga

by Ida Wood

Liam Lawson won the third Toyota Racing Series race at Teretonga, despite suffering from a loss of power.

The New Zealander jumped poleman Jackson Walls at the start and quickly stretched out a lead up front, with M2 Competition team-mates Igor Fraga and Yuki Tsunoda in second and third after Walls had an off on lap three.

On lap 13 of 25, Fraga suddenly closed in on Lawson and was potentially close enough to challenge for the lead.

Points leader Lawson reported that he had lost power for several seconds, having had other mechanical issues over the weekend including a clutch issue.

The leader was able to respond and set a lap record pace before the race finished behind the safety car when Oliver Rasmussen misjudged the space available on the entry to The Loop and crashed into race two winner Emilien Denner.

Had the last two laps been contested fully under green flag conditions, MTEC Motorsport by R-ace GP’s Caio Collet may have been able to challenge team-mate Walls for fourth.

Collet and Giles Motorsport’s Gregoire Saucy had passed the third MTEC car of Lucas Petersson on lap 18, and three laps later Saucy conceded fifth place to Collet halfway through The Loop corner.

Franco Colapinto led Kiwi Motorsport team-mate Jose Blanco-Chock, likely making his last race of the season, in eighth, while title contender Lirim Zendeli (Giles) struggled to 12th.


Race results (25 laps)
Pos Name Team Time
1 Liam Lawson M2 Competition 22m51.234s
2 Igor Fraga M2 Competition +0.696s
3 Yuki Tsunoda M2 Competition +4.730s
4 Jackson Walls MTEC by R-ace GP +8.120s
5 Caio Collet MTEC by R-ace GP +9.623s
6 Gregoire Saucy Giles Motorsport +13.439s
7 Lucas Petersson MTEC by R-ace GP +16.131s
8 Franco Colapinto Kiwi Motorsport +18.277s
9 Jose Blanco-Chock Kiwi Motorsport +19.928s
10 Petr Ptacek MTEC by R-ace GP +21.528s
11 Ido Cohen M2 Competition +25.047s
12 Lirim Zendeli Giles Motorsport +25.847s
13 Spike Kohlbecker Kiwi Motorsport +26.663s
14 Rui Andrade M2 Competition +28.171s
15 Axel Gnos Kiwi Motorsport +29.477s
16 Henning Enqvist Giles Motorsport +29.873s
Ret Emilien Denner M2 Competition
Ret Oliver Rasmussen MTEC by R-ace GP
Fastest lap: Lawson, 53.820s

Championship standings
1 Lawson 153? ?2 Fraga 136? ?3 Saucy 118? ?4 Tsunoda 112? ?5 Colapinto 106? ?6 Zendeli 104? ?7 Collet 83? ?8 Cohen 81? ?9 Ptacek 75? ?10 Denner 66