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Kirchhofer tops final German F3 practice at Hockenheim

by Valentin Khorounzhiy

Photo: formel3.de

German F3’s newly-crowned champion Marvin Kirchhofer has topped the practice for the final round of the championship at Hockenheim, leading a customary Lotus 1-2-3.

Kirchhofer was 0.3s faster than Artem Markelov, who currently sits in second in the drivers’ standings, while Briton Emil Bernstorff was a further tenth down.

Performance Racing’s John Bryant-Meisner was the best of the rest in fourth, ahead of his closest rival in the standings Gustavo Menezes.

Matteo Cairoli took sixth, with his ex-teammate Tomasz Krzeminski in seventh, narrowly ahead of his debut-making teammate Roman Beregech.

Nabil Jeffri and Nicolai Sylvest rounded out the top ten. Freddy Killensberger, who placed 14th out of 21, was the top driver in the Trophy class.

As this weekend sees a new batch of rules regarding track limits come into play, the session saw a number of laptimes cancelled for most of the drivers taking part.

Session results
Pos. Driver Cl. Team Time Gap
1 Marvin Kirchhofer C Lotus 1:33.425
2 Artem Markelov C Lotus 1:33.761 +0.336
3 Emil Bernstorff C Lotus 1:33.842 +0.417
4 John Bryant-Meisner C Performance Racing 1:33.853 +0.428
5 Gustavo Menezes C Van Amersfoort 1:34.096 +0.671
6 Matteo Cairoli C ADM Motorsport 1:34.869 +1.444
7 Tomasz Krzeminski C Performance Racing 1:34.888 +1.463
8 Roman Beregech C Performance Racing 1:34.957 +1.532
9 Nabil Jeffri C EuroInternational 1:35.425 +2.000
10 Nicolai Sylvest C JBR Motorsport 1:36.296 +2.871
11 Sheban Siddiqi C Lotus 1:36.939 +3.514
12 Jordi Weckx C Van Amersfoort 1:37.144 +3.719
13 Nikita Zlobin C ADM Motorsport 1:37.517 +4.092
14 Freddy Killensberger T GU-Racing 1:38.062 +4.637
15 Maximilian Hackl T Franz Woss Racing 1:38.530 +5.105
16 Sebastian Balthasar T GU-Racing 1:38.647 +5.222
17 Christian Zeller T CR Racing Team 1:42.147 +8.722
18 Andreas Germann T CR Racing Team 1:42.604 +9.179
19 Luca Iannaccone T Franz Woss Racing 1:44.485 +11.060
20 Frank Debruyne T CR Racing Team 1:45.141 +11.716
21 Thomas Amweg T CR Racing Team 4:09.329 +2:35.904