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Jordan Dempsey takes last-gasp Walter Hayes semi-final two win

by Formula Scout

Jordan Dempsey took victory in the disrupted second Walter Hayes Tropy semi-final by passing Rory Smith on the run to the finish line.

Kevin Mills Racing driver Dempsey got a better start than polesitter Smith to lead into the first corner, and was able to build a gap between himself and the chasing pack headed by Smith and Julian Van der Watt.

Dempsey?s lead was soon nullified as the safety car came out on lap three after a brake issue for B-M Racing’s Tom McArthur. Moments before, Van der Watt had passed McArrhur’s team-mate Smith for second place.

After the safety car came in, Dempsey was able to make an early break from Van der Watt and Smith and held a steady gap until a second safety car period on lap eight of 12 when Thomas Cappezzone, Callum Grant and Michael Macpherson came together at Copse.

The second restart did not work as well for Dempsey, as both Smith and Van der Watt were able to get past into first and second respectively.

Smith had the lead going into the final lap but Dempsey charged past Van der Watt and then out-dragged Smith out of the final corner to take victory by 0.014 seconds.

KMR’s Michael Eastwell made a last lap charge to finish fourth behind Van der Watt, and just ahead Wayne Poole Racing’s Josh Fisher and Formula Ford Festival winner Jonathan Browne.

David McArthur (B-M) came home in seventh, holding back Don Hardman Racing’s Joey Foster who had started from 26th on the grid.

W series champion Jamie Chadwick had a close battle with KMR’s Roger Orgee to finish 13th for Graham Brunton Racing, while Oldfield Motorsport’s Stuart Gough rose from 21st to finish 15th. Chadwick’s team-mate Logan Hannah also made it to the final by finishing 17th.


Race results (12 laps)
Pos Name Team Time
1 Jordan Dempsey Kevin Mills Racing 18m56.413s
2 Rory Smith B-M Racing +0.014s
3 Julian Van der Watt +0.357s
4 Michael Eastwell Kevin Mills Racing +1.564s
5 Josh Fisher Wayne Poole Racing +1.599s
6 Jonathan Browne Cliff Dempsey Racing +1.828s
7 David McArthur B-M Racing +1.925s
8 Joey Foster Don Hardman Racing +2.172s
9 Chris Middlehurst Team Dolan +2.670s
10 David McCullough Team DDR +2.860s
11 Scott Temple Kevin Mills Racing +3.059s
12 Tom Brown B-M Racing +6.211s
13 Jamie Chadwick Graham Brunton Racing +7.166s
14 Roger Orgee Kevin Mills Racing +7.254s
15 Stuart Gough Oldfield Motorpsort +7.621s
16 Peter Daly Don Hardman Racing +11.049s
17 Logan Hannah Graham Brunton Racing +11.506s
18 Ryan Campbell +13.949s
19 Thomas Johansson Team SKF +14.109s
20 Rick Morris Don Hardman Racing +15.438s
21 Mark Armstrong Kevin Mills Racing +16.474s
22 Dan Fox Team Fox Racing +16.500s
23 Ian Schofield +16.813s
24 George McDonald +18.746s
25 Paul Barnes +19.455s
26 Klaus-Dieter Haeckel Haeckel Motorsport +20.295s
27 Brad Dias Graham Brunton Racing +23.805s
28 John Greig Souley Motorsport +23.874s
29 Adam Fathers AF Racing +24.239s
30 Leanne McShane Souley Motorsport +27.222s
Ret Adam Higgins Riadro Motorsport
Ret Callum Grant Neil Grant
Ret Michael Macpherson Kevin Mills Racing
Ret Thomas Cappezzone Swift Cooper
Ret Sam Street SamS Motorsport
Ret Tom McArthur B-M Racing
Fastest lap: Foster, 1m06.337s