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Jordan Dempsey dominates disrupted Walter Hayes Trophy final

by Ida Wood

Jordan Dempsey dominated the Walter Hayes Trophy final from pole to lead a Kevin Mills Racing one-two at Silverstone.

The Irishman comfortably led the first four laps of the race, but the race was then red flagged due to a variety of crashes.

In the restarted encounter, shortened to 10 laps, he was even more dominant and finished with a 5.338 second advantage.

His team-mate Moyers came through from 10th on the grid, and had made it up to sixth before the red flag.

He gained a place at the restart, then passed Myerscough College’s Jack Wolfenden at Copse for fourth on the next lap. His overtake on B-M Racing’s Rory Smith for third at Brooklands ultimately resulted in Wolfenden passing both, but Moyers reclaimed the spot at the same corner the next lap.

For the rest of the race, Moyers battled with Cliff Dempsey Racing’s Scott Huffaker. They passed each other twice before Moyers settled it on the penultimate lap, leaving enough room for Jonathan Browne to also nab third from his CDR team-mate.

Front row starter Huffaker moved back on the podium with a move at Becketts, but didn’t have enough time to stop Moyers from equalling Danny Watts run from the back of the Progression Race grid to second in the final.

Wolfenden settled for fifth, while the third KMR car of Michael Eastwell charged up to sixth – despite being shuffled down several spots on the grid for the restart.

Chris Middlehurst beat Team Dolan team-mate Matt Cowley to seventh, with the latter reporting a loss of power after a first lap technical error.

Completing the top 10 were Luke Cooper and Rory Smith. Cooper started fourth and was in the group battling for second until a troublesome clutch cost him on the last lap, while B-M Racing’s Smith was hit up the rear by Joey Foster at Brooklands early on and cradled damaged for the rest of the race.

Don Hardman Racing’s Foster had joined Moyers in progressing through the ‘second chance’ races after they clashed in their heat, and after striking Smith’s car he went off at speed and ended his race.

An off at Copse for Morgan Quinn (Team Dolan), and a crash between Jamies Chadwick and Stanley caused the red flag.


Race results (15 laps)
Pos Name Team Time
1 Jordan Dempsey Kevin Mills Racing 10m19.733s
2 Michael Moyers Kevin Mills Racing +5.338s
3 Scott Huffaker Cliff Dempsey Racing +5.518s
4 Jonathan Browne Cliff Dempsey Racing +5.717s
5 Jack Wolfenden Myerscough College +6.142s
6 Michael Eastwell Kevin Mills Racing +7.466s
7 Chris Middlehurst Team Dolan +7.746s
8 Matt Cowley Team Dolan +7.958s
9 Luke Cooper Swift Cooper +8.528s
10 Rory Smith B-M Racing +8.738s
11 Julian Van der Watt +11.850s
12 David McArthur B-M Racing +12.402s
13 Ollie White Souley Motorsport +12.572s
14 Scott Temple Kevin Mills Racing +12.999s
15 Ian Campbell +14.358s
16 John Svensson John’s Racing Team +15.181s
17 Milan De Laet Oldfield Motorsport +15.270s
18 Stuart Gough Oldfield Motorsport +15.713s
19 Miles Griffiths Hi-Tech Motorsport +23.491s
20 Tom Brown B-M Racing +28.722s
21 Logan Hannah Graham Brunton Racing +28.867s
22 Ryan Campbell +29.050s
23 James Hadfield B-M Racing +33.460s
24 Joe Porter Porter Motorsport +33.682s
25 Tom Hawkins Springbridge Motorsport +35.780s
26 Peter Daly Don Hardman Racing +38.368s
Ret Ben Tinkler
Ret Roger Orgee Kevin Mills Racing
Ret Joey Foster Don Hardman Racing
Ret Josh Fisher Wayne Poole Racing
Ret Morgan Quinn Team Dolan
Ret Jamie Stanley
Ret Jamie Chadwick Graham Brunton Racing
Ret Alex Gillespie Kevin Mills Racing
Ret Ivor McCullough Team DDR
Ret David McCullough Team DDR
Fastest lap: Dempsey, 1m01.625s