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FIA announces limitations on Russian participation in motorsport

by Jordan Edwards

Photo: Formula Motorsport Limited

The FIA has barred Russian and Belarusian drivers from competing in international series under their own flags, as the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) announces its own sanctions against Russia.

Last month the world’s largest country invaded its neighbour Ukraine, with Russia’s troops willingly stationed in Belarus prior to attacking.

The latest announcement by the FIA covers all international championships governed by it and have been announced as a result of an additional meeting of the WMSC following recommendations from the International Olympic Committee.

The measures will also likely affect national series that are due to hold individual rounds within another country. Russian and Belarusian drivers will be allowed to compete, however, under the FIA’s flag rather than be banned entirely from events.

Round 13 of the Formula 2 season in Sochi has also been confirmed as cancelled as a result of the same fate befalling Formula 1’s Russian Grand Prix which it supports. It was a decision proposed by F1’s commercial rights holder. Neither championship is yet to reveal whether there is plans for a replacement event.

All Belarusian and Russian branding will be banned from appearing in FIA-governed international motorsport, a move that follows a similar ban from world championships for Russia at the start of 2021 as a punishment for its state-sponsored doping across sport.

As a result of all the above, the national teams of both nations will therefore not be able to be compete in motorsport. That prevents their presence in the Motorsport Games, which includes Formula 4 and karting, and the FIA Karting Academy Trophy.