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Edgar on ADAC F4 pole by over a second at Nurburgring

by Bethonie Waring

Photo: ADAC F4

Jonny Edgar dominated a mixed-up qualifying for the second ADAC Formula 4 race at the Nurburgring, putting himself on pole by over a second.

The Red Bull junior spent the entire qualifying session top of the order, improving his fastest lap over the course of the session to stay out of reach of the rest of the field.

He ended qualifying as the only driver to set a time sub-1m52s, with a 1m51.156s lap being his final effort.

R-ace GP’s Victor Bernier also improved with his last lap and will line up alongside Edgar, albeit 1.058s behind on qualifying pace.

Almost all the regular frontrunners found themselves in the bottom half of the order. Edgar’s race one pole-sitting Van Amersfoort Racing team-mate Jake Crawford was 4.954s off the pace in 10th, ahead of Mucke Motorsport’s Joshua Duerksen and VAR’s Francesco Pizzi.

US Racing’s Elias Seppanen and Ollie Bearman managed a better result, but will still line up behind R-Ace GP’s Artem Lobanenko, who put in his best qualifying of the season to go third overall.

There ended up being a spread of over 12 seconds among the 13-car field, with Mucke’s Erick Zuniga propping up the order.


Qualifying results
Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Jonny Edgar Van Amersfoort Racing 1m51.156s 7
2 Victor Bernier R-ace GP 1m52.214s +1.058s 7
3 Artem Lobanenko R-ace GP 1m52.250s +1.094s 7
4 Elias Seppanen US Racing 1m52.964s +1.808s 7
5 Ollie Bearman US Racing 1m53.230s +2.074s 7
6 Josef Knopp Mucke Motorsport 1m53.469s +2.313s 7
7 Kirill Smal R-ace GP 1m53.944s +2.788s 7
8 Tim Tramnitz US Racing 1m54.156s +3.000s 6
9 Vlad Lomko US Racing 1m54.524s +3.368s 6
10 Jak Crawford Van Amersfoort Racing 1m56.101s +4.945s 7
11 Joshua Duerksen Mucke Motorsport 1m57.874s +6.718s 6
12 Francesco Pizzi Van Amersfoort Racing 1m58.675s +7.519s 6
13 Erick Zuniga Mucke Motorsport 2m03.474s +12.318s 6