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Crawford holds on for seventh Euroformula win at Barcelona

by Craig Woollard

Photo: Fotospeedy

Jak Crawford won from pole position in the penultimate race of the Euroformula season at Barcelona, as Cem Bolukbasi and champion Cameron Das had a wheel-banging battle.

Crawford led away at the start of the race and weaved down the front straight on the first of 18 laps to pull away from CryptoTower Racing’s Louis Foster in the early stages.

He was able to open up a gap of 2.5 seconds at its peak, but a gearbox issue in the closing stages allowed Foster to get a second behind.

Despite that, Crawford was able to hold on even as the gap closed in the final corners due to the problem, and match Das on seven wins this season.

Foster took second, just behind Crawford, ahead of Drivex’s Enzo Trulli, who was some 10 seconds behind Foster.

He was under pressure late on from Van Amersfoort Racing’s Bolukbasi, who engaged in a wheel-banging moment with Motopark driver Das in the middle of the race at Turn 1 – in which both cars escaped unscathed.

Das took fifth, ahead of Carlin’s Brad Benavides – who once again made a good start to climb up spots in the early stages.

CryptoTower’s Nazim Azman was less effective in the early stages and dropped back and finished seventh. VAR’s Casper Stevenson, CryptoTower’s Filip Kaminiarz and Double R Racing’s Sebastian Alvarez rounded out the top 10. Kaminiarz made up several spots to get into the top 10. VAR’s Rafael Villagomez took the final point as Alvarez is a guest driver.

Motopark’s Christian Mansell was able to take the start but was a lap down and finished last.

Race results (18 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Jak Crawford Motopark 29m21.030s
2 Louis Foster CryptoTower +0.168s
3 Enzo Trulli Carlin +10.977s
4 Cem Bolukbasi Van Amersfoort Racing +11.710s
5 Cameron Das Motopark +13.257s
6 Brad Benavides Carlin +16.849s
7 Nazim Azman CryptoTower +18.358s
8 Casper Stevenson Van Amersfoort Racing +20.023s
9 Filip Kaminiarz CryptoTower +21.157s
10 Sebastian Alvarez Double R Racing +22.435s
11 Rafael Villagomez Van Amersfoort Racing +27.212s
12 Francesco Simonazzi BVM Racing +32.336s
13 Dexter Patterson Drivex School +41.136s
14 Enzo Scionti Drivex School +42.407s
15 Josh Mason Double R Racing +49.873s
16 Christian Mansell Motopark +1 lap
Fastest lap: Crawford, 1m36.779s

Championship standings
1 Das 364   2 Foster 300   3 Crawford 278   4 Azman 262   5 Stevenson 214   6 Bolukbasi 205   7 Trulli 136   8 Villagomez 134   9 Mason 83   10 Kaminiarz 80