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Wharton tops Kuwait test, gets new team-mate for next F4 UAE round

by Ida Wood

Photo: F4 UAE

James Wharton was fastest in Formula 4 United Arab Emirates’ pre-event test for its second round at Kuwait Motor Town.

The series raced at the track last week, with a one-day break before testing took place today ahead of a race ‘weekend’ running over Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mumbai Falcons driver Wharton topped the first of two test sessions, setting the pace with a 1m54.279s lap 21 minutes into the hour-long action.

Before that, top spot had been held by multiple drivers. R-ace GP’s Jesse Carrasquedo Jr was first to top the times, with Yas Heat Academy’s Matteo Quintarelli first into the 1m57s.

Noah Lisle knocked Quintarelli from the top, before PHM Racing’s Akshay Bohra brought the pace down into the 1m56s. He and MP Motorsport’s Valerio Rinicella traded fastest laps over their next effots, with the Mumbai Falcons and Prema drivers then taking to the track and joining the fight to be fastest.

Tuukka Taponen and Ugo Ugochukwu lowered the pace furthe until Wharton set the first sub-1m55s lap and then improved two more times to end the session 0.053 seconds ahead of Prema’s Ugochukwu.

PHM’s Valentin Kluss was third fastest, with Sainteloc Racing’s Theophile Nael half a second back in fourth.

Ugochukwu went one better in session two to set the pace by 0.031s over Rinicella, and with Wharton 0.099s behind in third, but the pace for most drivers was slower than the cooler conditions earlier in the day.

Rinicella was one of 15 drivers to go faster in session two, along Keanu Al Azhari (Yas Heat), William Macintyre (Hitech GP), Zachary David (R-ace), Bohra and James Piszcyk (Hitech) filling positions four to eight in the session and all moving up the day’s combined classification as a result.

Another of the improvers was Rishon Rajeev, who was 34th fastest overall and will make his debut with Mumbai Falcons this week. Rajeev, who has claimed a pole and a podium in the recent MRF Formula 2000 season and was on the podium in last year’s Indian Racing League, is replacing Muhammad Ibrahim.

Test results
Pos Driver Team Time Gaps Laps
1 James Wharton Mumbai Falcons 1m54.279s 36
2 Ugo Ugochukwu Prema 1m54.332s +0.053s 35
4 Valentin Kluss PHM Racing 1m54.563s +0.284s 42
4 Valerio Rinicella MP Motorsport 1m54.583s +0.304s 39
5 Keanu Al Azhari Yas Heat 1m54.755s +0.476s 36
6 Theophile Nael Sainteloc Racing 1m54.778s +0.499s 32
7 Noah Stromsted PHM Racing 1m54.817s +0.538s 38
8 Tuukka Taponen Mumbai Falcons 1m54.866s +0.587s 37
9 Kanato Le Hitech GP 1m54.943s +0.664s 35
10 William Macintyre Hitech GP 1m54.991s +0.712s 33
11 Zachary David R-ace GP 1m55.001s +0.722s 42
12 Akshay Bohra PHM Racing 1m55.004s +0.725s 48
13 Arvid Lindblad Hitech GP 1m55.016s +0.737s 38
14 James Piszcyk Hitech GP 1m55.104s +0.825s 39
15 Noah Lisle Xcel Motorsport 1m55.241s +0.962s 46
16 Federico Rifai Xcel Motorsport 1m55.255s +0.976s 41
17 Jesse Carrasquedo Jr R-ace GP 1m55.267s +0.988s 40
18 Dion Gowda Carlin 1m55.289s +1.011s 34
19 Hiyu Yamakoshi Pinnacle VAR 1m55.370s +1.091s 49
20 Theodor Jensen Sainteloc Racing 1m55.404s +1.125s 43
21 Niko Lacorte Prema 1m55.564s +1.285s 38
22 Hamda Al Qubaisi Yas Heat 1m55.577s +1.298s 46
23 Lena Buhler R2Race 1m55.616s +1.337s 49
24 Alexander Bolduev Xcel Motorsport 1m55.636s +1.357s 41
25 Raphael Narac R-ace GP 1m55.665s +1.386s 45
26 Sebastian Murray Cram-Hitech GP 1m55.705s +1.426s 43
27 Bianca Bustamante Prema 1m55.764s +1.485s 37
28 George Zhuravskiy Xcel Motorsport 1m56.030s +1.751s 47
29 Alexander Abkhazava R-ace GP 1m56.038s +1.759s 32
30 Matteo Quintarelli Yas Heat 1m56.054s +1.775s 45
31 Kai Daryanani Pinnacle VAR 1m56.056s +1.777s 43
32 Victoria Blokhina R2Race 1m56.133s +1.854s 44
33 Luciano Morano Sainteloc Racing 1m56.172s +1.893s 44
34 Rishon Rajeev Mumbai Falcons 1m56.217s +1.938s 41
35 Jack Beeton Pinnacle VAR 1m56.242s +1.963s 39
36 Jakob Bergmeister PHM Racing 1m56.268s +1.989s 37
37 Emely de Heus MP Motorsport 1m56.290s +2.011s 47
38 Flavio Olivieri Cram-Hitech GP 1m56.625s +2.346s 41