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Voisin fastest in GB3 and Mills leads GB4 in testing at Donington Park

by Steve Whitfield

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography

Rodin Carlin’s Callum Voisin was fastest in GB3’s two-day pre-season test at Donington Park, as less than a second covered the top 21 drivers using transponders.

McKenzy Cresswell led the way on Wednesday, which consisted of two sessions. He set an early 1m24.416s benchmark, which was soon bettered by Matthew Rees and Joseph Loake.

Despite a couple of excursions across the grass at Old Hairpin, Nico Christodoulou ended the morning session fastest with a 1m23.327s lap ahead of Loake, Rees and Voisin.

Rees set a new best of 1m23.271s inside hour one of the afternoon session before Voisin set two quicker laps, but Cresswell then set a 1m22.755s to end the day on top.

James Hedley, who tested for Arden while he evaluates a second season in GB3, got within 0.107s of Cresswell but a late effort put Douglas Motorsport’s Tymek Kucharczyk into second.

Fortec Motorsports’ Max Esterson suffered an exhaust issue that burnt his car’s bodywork and wiring loom in the morning before going off at Fogarty esses in the afternoon, and team-mate Edward Pearson also damaged his car early on.

Michael Shin and Shawn Rashid lost front wings in separate incidents, and Arthur Rogeon and Daniel Mavlyutov also caused red flags during the day.

Mavlyutov and John Bennett brought out red flags in Thursday’s first session, which was topped by Hedley with a 1m23.742ss. Rees and Loake were within 0.175s of his pace.

Esterson’s test was ended in the next session after hitting the barriers and damaging his car’s rear. Rees lowered the pace in that session with a 1m22.476s laptime.

The pace picked up further in the two afternoon sessions, the first led by Voisin with a 1m22.474s before Rees went quickest again by 0.034s.

Rees and Loake were the only two on track to not improve in the final session, with Voisin setting the fastest lap of the test -a 1m22.365s – in the final minutes of running before rain halted proceedings to better Rees’ effort from the previous session.

Hedley was third overall ahead of David Morales and Jarrod Waberski, while karting graduate Rogeon impressed in sixth. Noah Ping drove for Arden, but had his transponder turned off.

GB4 tested on Thursday too, alongside several British F4 runners. Kevin Mills Racing’s Tom Mills was fastest in all four sessions, but he is not expected to race in GB4 this year.

His best lap – a 1m28.172s – came in session two, which was the quickest session for every driver bar Daniel Guinchard who peaked in session one.

Josh Irfan tested for Elite and was second fastest, 0.339s off the pace, and may do the season-opening round alongside his British F4 campaign with Carlin.

Liam McNeilly was third, while Fortec’s Colin Queen ended the day fourth despite being in a huge crash that caused a lengthy red flag period in session three.

He was collected by another car that lost control approaching Old Hairpin, with both cars colliding again as they hit the barriers. Both drivers were unhurt, with Fortec confident it can rebuild Queen’s car for next week’s Snetterton test.

The final session was significantly slower due to rain, and privateer Dylan Hotchin caused a red flag period.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Callum Voisin Carlin 1m22.365s 159
2 Matthew Rees JHR Developments 1m22.440s +0.075s 130
3 James Hedley Arden 1m22.593s +0.228s 168
4 David Morales JHR Developments 1m22.631s +0.266s 99
5 Jarrod Waberski Fortec Motorsports 1m22.670s +0.305s 125
6 Arthur Rogeon Chris Dittmann Racing 1m22.689s +0.324s 139
7 McKenzy Cresswell Elite Motorsport 1m22.691s +0.326s 133
8 Tymek Kucharczyk Douglas Motorsport 1m22.693s +0.328s 142
9 Zak Taylor Chris Dittmann Racing 1m22.694s +0.329s 138
10 Joseph Loake JHR Developments 1m22.696s +0.331s 142
11 Costa Toparis Carlin 1m22.697s +0.332s 170
12 Alex Dunne Hitech GP 1m22.735s +0.370s 157
13 Nico Christodoulou Arden 1m22.805s +0.440s 143
14 Ayato Iwasaki Elite Motorsport 1m22.915s +0.550s 124
15 Souta Arao Hitech GP 1m22.978s +0.613s 142
16 Max Esterson Fortec Motorsports 1m22.985s +0.620s 80
17 Gerrard Xie Hillspeed 1m23.008s +0.643s 142
18 John Bennett Carlin 1m23.027s +0.662s 169
19 Lucas Staico Douglas Motorsport 1m23.034s +0.669s 144
20 Oliver Stewart Elite Motorsport 1m23.242s +0.877s 137
21 Michael Shin Hitech GP 1m23.286s +0.921s 116
22 Edward Pearson Fortec Motorsports 1m23.755s +1.390s 64
23 Shawn Rashid Douglas Motorsport 1m23.770s +1.405s 116
24 Daniel Mavlyutov Hillspeed 1m23.918s +1.553s 129
Formula 4 [bold in Gen2 cars]
1 Tom Mills Kevin Mills Racing 1m28.172s 55
2 Josh Irfan Elite Motorsport 1m28.511s +0.339s 48
3 Liam McNeilly Fox Motorsport 1m28.594s +0.339s 51
4 Colin Queen Fortec Motorsports 1m28.725s +0.553s 31
5 Daniel Guinchard Chris Dittmann Racing 1m29.049s +0.877s 33
6 Cooper Webster Evans GP 1m29.091s +0.919s 44
7 Jack Sherwood Chris Dittmann Racing 1m29.093s +0.921s 37
8 Gustav Jonsson Chris Dittmann Racing 1m29.173s +1.001s 41
9 Harri Reynolds Elite Motorsport 1m29.298s +1.126s 40
10 Sid Smith Fox Motorsport 1m29.534s +1.362s 45
11 Jack Clifford Kevin Mills Racing 1m29.548s +1.376s 54
12 Jeremy Fairbairn Kevin Mills Racing 1m30.337s +2.165s 47
13 Harry Burgoyne Jr Graham Brunton Racing 1m30.472s +2.300s 46
14 Jason Conzo Oldfield Motorsport 1m32.110s +3.938s 56