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Viscaal ends Euroformula Open season at Barcelona with fourth pole

by Ida Wood

Photo: Fotospeedy

Bent Vsicaal just beat Felipe Drugovich to pole for the final race of the Euroformula Open season at Barcelona.

Unlike in qualifying for the first race, RP Motorsport’s Drugovich spent most of the race at the top of the times, but on the final runs Viscaal managed to better him. Drugovich reclaimed first, and then improved on that time, but when Viscaal moved back ahead he could not respond.

The extra point for pole position means Teo Martin Motorsport driver Viscaal sits 22 points ahead of Carlin’s Matheus Iorio, who qualified fifth,? in the battle for second in the Spanish Formula 3 standings. There are 26 points available in the race.

Campos Racing’s Marcos Siebert followed up his race one pole with third on the grid, ahead of Drivex School’s Lukas Dunner and Iorio.

David Schumacher, who in ineligible for EF Open points, qualified sixth, followed by Americans Cameron Das (Carlin) and Kaylen Frederick (RP).

Also Festante looked set for his best qualifying result of the season after spending much of the session in the top four, but the Teo Martin Motorsport driver eventually sank to ninth, just clear of Javier Gonzalez.

Brand Benavides, in just his second qualifying session of his career, was 11th fastest for Campos.


Qualifying results
Pos Name Team Time
1 Bent Viscaal Teo Martin Motorsport 1m37.610s
2 Felipe Drugovich RP Motorsport +0.170s
3 Marcos Siebert Campos Racing +0.805s
4 Lukas Dunner Drivex School +0.834s
5 Matheus Iorio Carlin +1.005s
6 David Schumacher RP Motorsport +1.072s
7 Cameron Das Carlin +1.086s
8 Kaylen Frederick RP Motorsport +1.202s
9 Aldo Festante Teo Martin Motorsport +1.216s
10 Javier Gonzalez Drivex School +1.271s
11 Brad Benavides Campos Racing +1.425s
12 Guilherme Samaia RP Motorsport +1.607s
13 Patrick Schott Drivex School +2.076s
14 Dev Gore Carlin +2.103s
15 Alessandro Bracalente RP Motorsport +2.520s