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Vayron wins, Masson loses title lead to retirement in French F4 at Monza

by Ida Wood

Photo: Ida Wood

Guest driver Elliott Vayron won the opening French Formula 4 race of the weekend at Monza ahead of Maceo Capietto.

It was Capietto who started from pole, ahead of Hugh Barter, Vayron and Daniel Ligier. Battling between the four on the opening lap led to Vayron passing Barter, at the expense of the latter plummeting down the order.

He wasn’t the only lap one casualty, as Alessandro Giusti just behind broke his front wing and he spent the next lap in the pits.

Capietto had an advantage of just 0.054 seconds over Vayron as they crossed the line to complete lap two of 12, and he managed to actually keep his lead for the whole of the next lap as despite alongside Vayron could not get through and make it stick.

Next time by he was 0.182s behind, with Ligier right on his gearbox, and then Ligier passed both on lap four. He got Capietto first as he squabbled with Vayron, then dragged his way past Vayron on the pit straight.

Vayron was stronger on the brakes and he took the lead as they went into the next lap, and it was one he wouldn’t let go of. He initially pulled away from Capietto, who quickly passed Ligier once he lost the advantage of the slipstream.

In the final third of the race, Capietto set the fastest lap several times and he brought the gap to the winner from 1.7s down to 0.35s.

Due to Vayron’s guest status, Capietto picked iup the points for victory and it pushed him into the championship lead as pre-race points leader Esteban Masson followed up his qualifying struggles with an early retirement after breaking his front wing on lap five.

Ligier completed the podium, dropping seven seconds back late on, and Owen Tangavelou held off Gael Julien for fourth place.

Barter was another retiree, while Giusti was the grateful recipient of two points down in 11th place as he finished the race a lap down.

Race results (12 laps)
Pos Driver Time
1 Elliott Vayron 23m30.474s
2 Maceo Capietto +0.353s
3 Daniel Ligier +7.805s
4 Owen Tangavelou +12.737s
5 Gael Julien +13.148s
6 Enzo Geraci +15.292s
7 Pierre-Alexandre Provost +18.417s
8 Noah Andy +19.003s
9 Enzo Richer +23.810s
10 Angelina Favario +1m35.990s
11 Alessandro Giusti +1 lap
Ret Romain Andriolo
Ret Dario Cabanelas
Ret Esteban Masson
Ret Hugh Barter
Fastest lap: Capietto, 1m56.083s

Championship standings
Capietto 182   2 Masson 181   3 Barter 139   4 Ligier 129   5 Julien 116   6 Tangavelou 109   7 Giusti 76   8 Cabanelas 67   9 Geraci 41   10 Andy 33