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US F4 season starts with rain-shortened race at Mid-Ohio

by Bethonie Waring

Photo: F4 US Championship

The United States Formula 4 season began with a safety car-led wet race after multiple opening lap incidents, which was won from pole by Christian Bogle.

Jay Howard Driver Development’s Bogle only had to retain his lead for half a lap of green flag action to take the win, as the rest of the shortened five-lap.encounter ran behind the safety car.

The race had already been shortened to 15 minutes as the rain arrived, to ensure the grid could switch to wet weather tyres.

Six drivers going off the track on lap one led to the race under going yellow, although three of those drivers – including Bogle’s team-mate Nolan Siegel – were able to extract themselves and make it back to the pits.

Bijoy Garg, another JHDD driver, passed front row starter Hunter Yeany before the yellow flags came out to take second.

He kept his car on track in tricky conditions as the field followed the safety car, while Velocity Racing Development’s Yeany survived one brief scare to complete the podium.

JHDD made up three of the cars in the top four, with Nick Persing climbing up to fourth ahead of Jose Blanco-Chock (Crosslink/Kiwi Motorsport), Sam Paley (JHDD) and Spike Kohlbecker (Crosslink/Kiwi).


Race results
Pos Name Team Time
1 Christian Bogle Jay Howard Driver Development 5 laps
2 Bijoy Garg Jay Howard Driver Development +0.524s
3 Hunter Yeany Velocity Racing Development +1.233s
4 Nick Persing Jay Howard Driver Development +2.429s
5 Jose Blanco-Chock Crosslink/Kiwi Motorsport +4.109s
6 Sam Paley Jay Howard Driver Development +4.595s
7 Spike Kohlbecker Crosslink/Kiwi Motorsport +4.942s
8 Gil Molina Jensen Global Advisors +7.535s
9 David Dalton Jr Alliance Racing +9.432s
10 Nico Christodoulou DEForce Racing +10.010s
11 Kyffin Simpson Velocity Racing Development +10.381s
12 Erik Evans Velocity Racing Development +10.575s
13 Ronan Murphy Crosslink/Kiwi Motorsport +11.362s
14 Cade McKee Iron Rock Motorsports +12.253s
15 David Burketh Alliance Racing +14.034s
16 Ayrton Ori Alliance Racing +14.827s
17 Will Holtz Alliance Racing +16.209s
18 Jim Goughary Primus Racing +18.332s
19 William Myers Group-A Racing +19.390s
20 Hayden Bowlsbey Alliance Racing +19.668s
21 Seth Aldretti DEForce Racing +21.368s
22 Will Edwards Alliance Racing +21.982s
23 Robert Torres Group-A Racing +22.918s
24 Varun Choksey Crosslink/Kiwi Motorsport +23.342s
25 Jeremy Fairbairn Primus Racing +23.985s
26 Dylan Tavella Crosslink/Kiwi Motorsport +24.785s
Ret Nolan Siegel Jay Howard Driver Development
Ret Nicholas Rivers Group-A Racing
Ret Jake Bonilla Jensen Global Advisors
Ret Chase Hyland Jay Howard Driver Development
Ret Josh Sarchet DC Autosport
Ret Aidan Yoder Primus Racing
Ret Mitch Redagas Jensen Global Advisors
Fastest lap: Rivers, 3m31.818s