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Tang inherits race three win after Rump is penalized

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
Photo: Toyota Racing Series

Photo: Toyota Racing Series

Neale Motorsport’s Andrew Tang picked up his second victory of the 2014 Toyota Racing Series season, having inherited the win in race three at Timaru.

Indeed, the Singaporean did not wind up leading a single lap, as he settled into second from his front row stating position, with championship leader Martin Rump setting the race pace at the front end.

The duo were unmatched on raw speed for the duration of the race, quickly establishing and maintaining a gap of several seconds over their nearest rivals. As Rump comfortably led all 20 laps, Tang stayed within a reasonable distance behind the leader and crossed the line less than two seconds adrift.

Ready to celebrate his maiden victory, the championship leader was then informed of an earlier false start and given a post-race penalty of ten seconds, dropping him to fourth.

As such, with Tang moving into first, it was Jann Mardenborough, having spent the entire race under immense pressure from James Munro, who secured the final podium position.

Further down the field, Ryan Tveter kept sophomore drivers Steijn Schothorst and Damon Leitch at bay to take fifth, while Denis Korneev led the Victory pair of Michael Scott and Brendon Leitch in eighth.

While it was a rather quiet and incident-free final race, there were still a number of retirements throughout the field. Macauley Jones was ruled out of contention on lap one, while Egor Orudzhev had a mechanical failure six laps into the race while running in fifth.

As it stands after two rounds, Rump leads Mardenborough in the standings by eight points, while Orudzhev remains in third.

Race results
Pos. Driver Team Time/Gap
1 Andrew Tang Neale Motorsport 20 laps in 19:27.839
2 Jann Mardenborough Giles Motorsport +5.567
3 James Munro Neale Motorsport +6.020
4 Martin Rump Giles Motorsport +8.168
5 Ryan Tveter Giles Motorsport +11.911
6 Steijn Schothorst M2 Competition +12.313
7 Damon Leitch Victory Motor Racing +12.598
8 Denis Korneev ETEC Motorsport +21.947
9 Michael Scott Victory Motor Racing +22.846
10 Brendon Leitch Victory Motor Racing +23.889
11 Robin Hansson Victory Motor Racing +24.828
12 Levin Amweg M2 Competition +25.699
13 Matt Rao Giles Motorsport +28.046
14 Pedro Piquet M2 Competition +30.014
15 Matevos Isaakyan ETEC Motorsport +31.807
16 Alif Hamdan Giles Motorsport +37.310
17 Jordan Oon ETEC Motorsport +37.895
18 Neil Alberico Victory Motor Racing +38.323
19 Gustavo Lima M2 Competition +38.595
20 Egor Orudzhev M2 Competition +5 laps
Not classified
Macauley Jones M2 Competition +9 laps
Martin Kodric ETEC Motorsport +20 laps
Championship standings
Pos. Driver Team Points
1 Martin Rump Giles Motorsport 329
2 Jann Mardenborough Giles Motorsport 321
3 Egor Orudzhev M2 Competition 282
4 Steijn Schothorst M2 Competition 272
5 Damon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 239
6 Andrew Tang Neale Motorsport 228
7 James Munro Neale Motorsport 223
8 Jordan Oon ETEC Motorsport 206
9 Matevos Isaakyan ETEC Motorsport 201
10 Ryan Tveter Giles Motorsport 201
11 Denis Korneev ETEC Motorsport 187
12 Brendon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 181
13 Neil Alberico ETEC Motorsport 176
14 Levin Amweg M2 Competition 167
15 Michael Scott Victory Motor Racing 149
16 Pedro Piquet M2 Competition 142
17 Gustavo Lima M2 Competition 130
18 Matt Rao Victory Motor Racing 117
19 Robin Hansson Victory Motor Racing 112
20 Macauley Jones M2 Competition 93
21 Martin Kodric M2 Competition 79
22 Alif Hamdan Giles Motorsport 78
23 Matteo Ferrer Giles Motorsport 66