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Swanepoel secures double pole for opening round of FMCS season

by Aditya Banerjee
Photo: Formula Masters China

Photo: Formula Masters China

KCMG’s?Matthew Swanepoel?dominated Friday qualifying and ended up grabbing double pole for the Formula Masters China Series season opener at Zhuhai.

The 19-year-old South African driver was fastest in the first session, with inclement weather causing the second session to be cancelled, leading the grid for race three to be decided on the basis of free practice times.

The 2013 AsiaCup series champion beat teammate James Munro to pole position, after the latter aquaplaned off the circuit after just one lap, which, however, proved good enough for P2.

The KCMG duo led Super License driver Yuja Motojima in third, ahead of 2012 Formula Pilota China runner-up?Dan Wells piloting the third KCMG car in fourth, with Meritus GP driver?Aston Hare?completing the top five.?

Akhil Rabindra, Matthew Solomon, Andersen Martono, Mandla Mdakane and Bo Yuan?brought up the rest of the top ten.

For race three the grid, as per the practice session results, was a KCMG 1-2-3, with Swanepoel ahead of Munro and Wells.

Pos. Race 1 Pos. Race 3
1 Matthew Swanepoel 1 Matthew Swanepoel
2 James Munro 2 James Munro
3 Yuja Motojima 3 Dan Wells
4 Dan Wells 4 Yuan Bo
5 Aston Hare 5 Matt Solomon
6 Akhil Rabindra 6 Aston Hare
7 Matt Solomon 7 Yasuo Senna Iriawan
8 Andersen Martono 8 Yuja Motojima
9 Mandla Mdakane 9 Andersen Martono
10 Yuan Bo 10 Akhil Rabindra
11 Yasuo Senna Iriawan 11 Pu Jun Jin
12 Pu Jun Jin 12 Darma Hutomo
13 Ronald Wu 13 Mandla Mdakane
14 Yin Hai Tao 14 Sean Hudspeth
15 Bao Jin Long 15 Bao Jin Long
16 Darma Hutomo 16 Miao Hua
17 Miao Hua 17 Ronald Wu
18 Sean Hudspeth 18 Yin Hai Tao