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Stenshorne shines again with another FREC win

by Ida Wood

Photo: Diederick van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency

R-ace GP’s Martinius Stenshorne extended his Formula Regional European Championship lead at the Hungaroring with another win.

Stenshorne won from pole on Saturday, and topped his qualifying group on Sunday but was in the slower group so was beaten to pole by Van Amersfoort Racing’s Joshua Dufek.

However a great start to race two meant he passed Dufek off the line. Prema’s Lorenzo Fluxa also passed Dufek and went side-by-side with Stenshorne. He then went off exiting the corner and tried passing Stenshorne around the outside of turn two as several other drivers went off behind.

There was drama on lap two as Roman Bilinski and Michael Belov battled for eighth, with some contact between them, and the safety car then came out but actually due to Alex Partyshev, Niels Koolen and Charlie Wurz having a race-ending crash.

Racing resumed on lap five and Tim Tramnitz attacked Kas Haverkort for fifth into turn one. Tramnitz then went for Maceo Capietto at turn two but got spun around by Haverkort and it meant the safety car came out again.

Stenshorne sprinted away on the second restart on lap seven, and Bilinski went to pass van Hoepen for fifth around the outside of turn one. Van Hoepen almost pushed him off on the run to turn two but they kept it clean and the race finally got into a rhythm.

Stenshorne set fastest lap several times and had grown his lead to two seconds by lap 12 when the safety car appeared again due to an incident between Alessandro Giusti and Matias Zagazeta. Moments before that, Santiago Ramos had just avoided ploughing into the rear of Sami Meguetounif after locking up on the run to turn one.

Two more laps of racing were packed in following the next restart before the safety car was needed once more due to Lucas Medina and Giovanni Maschio crashing.

There was time for racing to resume following that, and Stenshorne pulled away fom Fluxa for his second win in a row while Capietto took third from Dufek.

Van Hoepen resisted Bilinski for fifth, while Andrea Kimi Antonelli finished a dissapointed seventh but rose back up to second in the standings due to Tramnitz’s non-score.

Race results (17 laps)

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Martinus Stenshorne R-ace GP 33m38.137s
2 Lorenzo Fluxa Prema +1.171s
3 Maceo Capietto R-P-M +1.897s
4 Joshua Dufek Van Amersfoort Racing +2.336s
5 Laurens van Hoepen ART Grand Prix +2.748s
6 Roman Bilinski Trident +3.461s
7 Andrea Kimi Antonelli Prema +3.760s
8 Sami Meguetounif MP Motorsport +4.147s
9 Santiago Ramos R-P-M +4.379s
10 Dilano van’t Hoff MP Motorsport +4.941s
11 Rafael Camara Prema +5.142s
12 Esteban Masson Sainteloc Racing +5.608s
13 Nikhil Bohra Trident +6.178s
14 Owen Tangavelou Trident +6.669s
15 Joshua Duerksen Arden +7.229s
16 Levente Revesz Arden +7.630s
17 Tim Tramnitz R-ace GP +8.414s
18 Kirill Smal Monolite Racing +8.933s
19 Adam Fitzgerald R-P-M +9.187s
20 Victor Bernier MP Motorsport +9.466s
21 Marcus Amand ART Grand Prix +9.965s
22 Charlie Wurz ART Grand Prix +10.301s
23 Tom Lebbon Arden +10.527s
24 Enzo Scionti Monolite Racing +11.165s
25 Maya Weug KIC Motorsport +11.559s
Ret Michael Belov G4 Racing
Ret Emmo Fittipaldi Sainteloc Racing
Ret Lucas Medina Sainteloc Racing
Ret Giovanni Maschio Monolite Racing
Ret Matias Zagazeta R-ace GP
Ret Alessandro Giusti G4 Racing
Ret Kas Haverkort Van Amersfoort Racing
Ret Niels Koolen Van Amersfoort Racing
Ret Alex Partyshev KIC Motorsport
Fastest lap: Stenshorne, 1m40.967s

Championship standings
1 Stenshorne 99   2 Antonelli 70   3 Haverkort 68   4 Tramnitz 62   5 Fluxa 44   6 Dufek 52   7 Ramos 37   8 Capietto 33   9 Camara 29   10 Bohra 21