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Simonyan tops both Thursday sessions with late flyers

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
Photo: FOTOSPEEDY / Euroformula Open

Photo: FOTOSPEEDY / Euroformula Open

Euroformula Open graduate Dzhon Simonyan reigned supreme in the two Thursday practice sessions at Teretonga Park.

Simonyan managed to snatch the lead with a last-minute lap on both occasions and ended up as the solitary leader of the first testing day.

In session one, Austrian racer Stefan Riener dominated most of the proceedings, becoming the first driver to dip below the old TRS lap record.

Sam MacLeod, who sat in second with ten minutes to go, then brought out the red flag by going off into the wall. Once the action resumed, Simonyan managed to depose an improving Riener.

Brendon Leitch was an impressive third, ahead of Artem Markelov and Charlie Eastwood. MacLeod ended up in sixth, leading Santino Ferrucci, Matteo Ferrer, Jamie Conroy and Arjun Maini.

Maini then went on to lead much of the second session, but, after another red flag, it was Simonyan again who took the top spot.

Ferrucci claimed third, with Eastwood in fourth. In fifth, Riener was the only driver who couldn’t surpass his earlier laptime, while Conroy followed just 0.001s behind.

Callum Ilott, Brandon Maisano and Lance Stroll broke into the top ten, while Markelov finished tenth.

Session results
Pos. Driver Team S1 S2
1 Dzhon Simonyan Giles Motorsport 53.402 53.158
2 Arjun Maini M2 Competition 54.016 53.251
3 Santino Ferrucci Giles Motorsport 53.928 53.273
4 Stefan Riener Victory Motor Racing 53.470 53.570
5 Charlie Eastwood M2 Competition 53.838 53.485
6 Jamie Conroy M2 Competition 54.002 53.571
7 Callum Ilott ETEC Motorsport 54.032 53.601
8 Brandon Maisano M2 Competition 54.746 53.621
9 Lance Stroll M2 Competition 54.148 53.650
10 Artem Markelov Giles Motorsport 53.838 53.680
11 Brendon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 53.786 53.717
12 Matteo Ferrer ETEC Motorsport 53.995 53.757
13 Sam MacLeod Giles Motorsport 53.876 53.861
14 Damon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 54.390 53.864
15 Thomas Randle ETEC Motorsport 54.099 53.944
16 Alfonso Celis Giles Motorsport 54.119 53.950
17 Ferdinand Habsburg Victory Motor Racing 54.570 54.001
18 Nikita Mazepin ETEC Motorsport 54.893 54.197
19 Mathias Kristensen M2 Competition 54.616 54.198
20 James Munro Giles Motorsport 54.798 54.211

Personal best time in bold
Best time of session in italics