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Sharp fastest in British F4 test on Brands Hatch’s Indy layout

by Ida Wood

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography

British Formula 4 tested on Brands Hatch’s Indy layout on Wednesday, although they will be racing on the full Grand Prix layout this weekend.

The day was split into a four-hour morning session and an afternoon session lasting two hours-and-45 minutes.

The morning session ran interruption-free, with JHR Developments’ Deagen Fairclough the fastest driver at first and setting several laps under 46 seconds before Hitech GP’s William Macintyre interrupted his time at the top with a 45.699s laptime.

Fairclough responded with a 45.638s, then improved by almost a tenth of a second two laps later.

The next driver to get to the top of the timesheet was Fortec Motorsports’ James Higgins, then with two successive improvements Rodin Carlin’s Louis Sharp lowered the pace to 45.211s.

He remained on top for 21 minutes before team-mate Dion Gowda went 0.006 seconds faster than him. A few minutes later Hitech’s Gabriel Stilp moved closer to breaking the 45s barrier, setting a 45.158s and then a 45.089s.

But it was not until over an hour after that someone eventually did lap sub-45s, with Sharp posting a 44.942s. The lap after was a 44.754s, and that proved unbeatable over the remaining two hours of the session.

Double R Racing’s Freddie Slater got closest to Sharp’s pace, lapping just 0.08s slower than him, and and Gowda also lapped sub-45s. Argenti Motorsport’s Patrick Heuzenroeder racked up the most laps, 118 in total, and the top 15 were covered by a remarkable 0.474s on pace.

On a gripped up track the starting pace in the afternoon session was faster than in the morning, with Slater setting an early 48.399s benchmark.

German shifter karter Maxhim Rehm, driving for JHR, then lowered the pace to 46.085s, but only spent a few minutes on top before Hitech’s Kanato Le went almost half a second faster. He kept on improving until setting a 45.277s.

Most of the track action was in the first 40 minutes of the session, with Sharp and then Fortec’s Mika Abrahams going to the top after Le. However he then returned to first place with the session’s first sub-45s lap, a 44.990s.

By the end of the afternoon, there had only been an improvement of 0.052s on that, with Sharp going fastest by 0.026s over Slater. Neither beat their morning bests, with Le in fourth place overall the highest place driver to set their fastest lap in the afternoon.

Test results
Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Louis Sharp Carlin 44.754s 133
2 Freddie Slater Double R Racing 44.834s +0.080s 157
3 Dion Gowda Carlin 44.927s +0.173s 145
4 Kanato Le Hitech GP 44.975s +0.221s 144
5 James Piszcyk Hitech GP 44.988s +0.234s 158
6 Aqil Alibhai Virtuosi Racing 44.994s +0.240s 158
7 Gustav Jonsson Chris Dittmann Racing 45.007s +0.253s 139
8 Gabriel Stilp Hitech GP 45.013s +0.259s 138
9 Mika Abrahams Fortec Motorsports 45.020s +0.266s 144
10 William Macintyre Hitech GP 45.060s +0.306s 92
11 Patrick Heuzenroeder Argenti Motorsport 45.117s +0.363s 185
12 Josh Irfan Carlin 45.126s +0.372s 135
13 James Higgins Fortec Motorsports 45.136s +0.382s 179
14 Deagen Fairclough JHR Developments 45.185s +0.431s 190
15 Noah Lisle Carlin 45.196s +0.442s 134
16 Jack Sherwood Chris Dittmann Racing 45.219s +0.465s 151
17 Douwe Dedecker Virtuosi Racing 45.227s +0.473s 158
18 Kai Daryanani Virtuosi Racing 45.433s +0.679s 177
19 Yuanpu Cui Argenti Motorsport 45.527s +0.787s 189
20 Isaac Barashi Argenti Motorsport 45.616s +0.862s 167
21 Maxhim Rehm JHR Developments 45.654s +0.900s 200
22 Ella Lloyd JHR Developments 45.656s +0.902s 201
23 Bart Harrison Chris Dittmann Racing 45.765s +1.011s 175