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Sandy Stuvik wins in F3 Open as Mason crashes at the start

by Gruz David

Photo: FOTOSPEEDY/f3open.net

Thailand’s Sandy Stuvik celebrates his first victory in F3 Open today, as he managed to hold off Yarin Stern at the final stage of the race in a great battle. There was another fight for third place between Vicky Piria and Alex Toril. Although Piria finished ahead, she has got a five-second penalty, and Toril took the podium finish.

Despite leading the race in the first couple of laps, Spencer Pigot finished only fifth right in front of Denis Nagulin and Alexandre Cougnaud. There was also a great battle for the Copa race victory amongst Lorenzo Paggi, Nicholas Pohler and Liam Venter, however, Paggi spun in the middle of the race, and Venter clinched the victory, closely followed by Pohler. The last point-scoring position belongs to Valeria Carballo, who also took the fastest lap of the race.
Saturday’s race-winner Nelson Mason couldn’t finish the race, moreover, he couldn’t really start it, as he clashed with Santiago Urrutia at the very beginning.

After the first weekend of the 2013 season, Stuvik leads the championship with 37 points, as the second is Nelson Mason with 27 points, who looks quite unbeatable at this moment despite his disappointing second race. After Mason, the championship staninds are very tight, with Toril, Stern, Hector Hurst and Roberto La Rocca all within ten points.


Race two:

Pos Driver Team Time/Gap
1 Sandy Stuvik RP Motorsport 30:27.528
2 Yarin Stern EmillioDeVillota + 0.922
3 Alex Toril RP Motorsport +?11.415
4 Vicky Piria BVM +?12.682*
5 Spencer Pigot Team West-Tec +?16.517
6 Denis Nagulin Campos Racing +?17.517
7 Alexandre Cougnaud RP Motorsport +?18.641
8 Liam Venter Team West-Tec +?19.966
9 Nicholas Pohler DAV Racing +?20.538
10 Valeria Carballo Campos Racing +?20.694
11 Roberto La Rocca Team West-Tec +?25.534
12 Mario Marasca BVM +?26.180
13 Richard Gonda Drivex School +?37.704
14 Huan Zhu Team West-Tec +?39.722
15 Igor Urien EmillioDeVillota +?39.751
16 Luca Orlandi Team West-Tec +?42.595
17 Gerardo Nieto DAV Racing +?43.272
18 Tommaso Menchini Corbetta Compeitizoni +?45.261
19 Damiano Fioravanti Corbetta Compeitizoni +?46.443
20 Sean Walkinshaw Team West-Tec +?1:23.278
21 Saud Al Faisal RP Motorsport +?1:37.128
22 Hector Hurst EmillioDeVillota +?2:11.614
23 Alexey Chuklin EmillioDeVillota +?1 Lap
24 Andr?s Saravia EmillioDeVillota +?1 Lap
25 Artur Janosz Campos Racing +?1 Lap
26 Cameron Twynham Team West-Tec +?1 Lap
27 Che One Lim EmillioDeVillota +?1 Lap
28 Mattia Vita Top F3 +?2 Laps
Not classified
Lorenzo Paggi Corbetta Compeitizoni +?7 Laps
Santiago Urrutia RP Motorsport +?13 Laps
Nelson Mason Team West-Tec +?13 Laps

* denotes a five-second penalty