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Matthew Rees dominates third British F4 race at Donington

by Bethonie Waring

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography

Matthew Rees dominated the third British Formula 4 race at Donington Park for his fourth win of 2021 and an extended 11-point championship lead.

Rees spent the opening laps battling JHR Developments team-mate McKenzy Cresswell for the lead. Cresswell briefly got ahead, but Rees continued to run alongside.

Matias Zagazeta made it three-wide, but was forced into the gravel and down the order. Rees came back through to the lead as Cresswell had damaged his front wing, and then pulled away by an astonishing amount.

Cresswell put up a good defence against Aiden Neate for second place and was able to build a gap of his own as Neate, Zagazeta and Joel Granfors battled for position. But once Zagazeta found a way past Neate, he rapidly closed the gap to Cresswell and took second back off him. Granfors followed him past to knock Cresswell off the podium.

Neate was unable to take advantage in the last two laps, as he was locked in a battle with Joseph Loake. The pair made contact on the final lap and both were forced wide through the gravel. They managed to continue, albeit down the order.

Dougie Bolger avoided their drama to take fifth ahead of a charging Zak Taylor and Marcos Flack.

James Hedley made his way up to finish eighth, while Eduardo Coseteng and Kai Askey completed the top 10.

Race results (18 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Matthew Rees JHR Developments 20m51.346s
2 Matias Zagazeta Argenti Motorsport +12.494s
3 Joel Granfors Fortec Motorsports +13.880s
4 McKenzy Cresswell JHR Developments +17.006s
5 Dougie Bolger Carlin +17.727s
6 Zak Taylor Arden +18.355s
7 Marcos Flack Argenti Motorsport +19.052s
8 James Hedley Carlin +19.456s
9 Eduardo Coseteng Argenti Motorsport +20.225s
10 Kai Askey Carlin +20.369s
11 Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak Carlin +21.251s
12 Cameron McLeod Arden +21.427s
13 Joseph Loake JHR Developments +23.223s
14 Georgi Dimitrov Arden +24.915s
15 David Morales Arden +31.090s
16 Aiden Neate Argenti Motorsport +42.300s
Fastest lap: Rees, 1m08.727s

Championship standings
Rees 295   2 Zagazeta 284   Cresswell 249   4 Granfors 228   Hedley 210   6 Loake 181   7 Oliver Gray 157   8 Askey 125   9 Neate 113   10 Inthrapuvasak 106