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Marciello and Rosenqvist dominate Norisring qualifying

by Valentin Khorounzhiy

Photo: FIA F3 European Championship

Championship rivals Raffaele Marciello and Felix Rosenqvist ran the show in qualifying for the Norisring round of European F3, with the Swedish Mucke driver topping the first qualifying session and the Italian reigning supreme in qualifying two.

Session one saw a very close fight for first, with Rosenqvist, Fortec’s Felix Serralles and the Prema drivers all competing for the top position. Eventually, Rosenqvist came out on top, beating out Marciello by 0.001s, while Serralles was another 0.001s down. Alex Lynn was very close as well, taking fourth despite being less than a hundredth of a second slower than the race winner.

Series returnee Alexander Sims posted the fifth time for the T-Sport squad, with Lucas Auer taking sixth. Tom Blomqvist was seventh, while his rookie teammate Nick Cassidy took ninth, with Harry Tincknell slotting in in-between. Pipo Derani rounded out the top ten.

On second-best times from Q1, which determine the grid of the second race, Marciello prevailed over Lynn, Rosenqvist and Sims, with Serralles rounding out the top five. Tincknell will start from sixth, while Auer will line up in seventh, leading Blomqvist, Derani and Cassidy into the battle.

For qualifying session two, Prema’s top man Marciello was untouchable, constantly upping his prior benchmarks until the checkered flag. Rosenqvist minimized the damage, taking second, with Lynn and Blomqvist lining up on the second row.

Auer will lead T-Sport’s Sims on row three, with an all-Carlin row four of Tincknell and Daniil Kvyat. Fortec duo Derani and Serralles will round out the top ten.

Starting order
Pos. Race 1 Pos. Race 2 Pos. Race 3
1 Felix Rosenqvist 1 Raffaele Marciello 1 Raffaele Marciello
2 Raffaele Marciello 2 Alex Lynn 2 Felix Rosenqvist
3 Felix Serralles 3 Felix Rosenqvist 3 Alex Lynn
4 Alex Lynn 4 Alexander Sims 4 Tom Blomqvist
5 Alexander Sims 5 Felix Serralles 5 Lucas Auer
6 Lucas Auer 6 Harry Tincknell 6 Alexander Sims
7 Tom Blomqvist 7 Lucas Auer 7 Harry Tincknell
8 Harry Tincknell 8 Tom Blomqvist 8 Daniil Kvyat
9 Nick Cassidy 9 Pipo Derani 9 Pipo Derani
10 Pipo Derani 10 Nick Cassidy 10 Felix Serralles
11 Roy Nissany 11 Jordan King 11 Jordan King
12 Jordan King 12 Michael Lewis 12 Roy Nissany
13 Michael Lewis 13 Roy Nissany 13 Michael Lewis
14 Antonio Giovinazzi 14 Daniil Kvyat 14 Lucas Wolf
15 Lucas Wolf 15 Sven Muller 15 Nick Cassidy
16 Sven Muller 16 Antonio Giovinazzi 16 Sven Muller
17 Daniil Kvyat 17 Nicholas Latifi 17 Antonio Giovinazzi
18 Nicholas Latifi 18 Eddie Cheever 18 Jann Mardenborough
19 Eddie Cheever 19 Jann Mardenborough 19 Nicholas Latifi
20 Mitchell Gilbert 20 Lucas Wolf 20 Mitchell Gilbert
21 Jann Mardenborough 21 Mitchell Gilbert 21 Dennis van de Laar
22 Dennis van de Laar 22 Dennis van de Laar 22 Sean Gelael
23 Sean Gelael 23 Sean Gelael 23 Eddie Cheever
24 Sandro Zeller 24 Sandro Zeller 24 Spike Goddard
25 Spike Goddard 25 Spike Goddard 25 Sandro Zeller
26 Tatiana Calder?n 26 Tatiana Calderon 26 Andre Rudersdorf
27 Andre Rudersdorf 27 Andre Rudersdorf 27 Tatiana Calder?n
28 Michela Cerruti 28 Michela Cerruti 28 Michela Cerruti