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Maini and Maisano score Hampton Downs poles for M2 Competition

by Gruz David
Photo: Toyota Racing Series

Photo: Toyota Racing Series

Arjun Maini became the fifth different pole winner in the fifth qualifying of the 2015 TRS season at Hampton Downs, while Brandon Maisano took his second pole of the campaign in the session after that.

The first shootout was dominated by Maisano, Maini and Sam MacLeod early on, with the trio repeatedly rotating in the top three spots.

A red flag, triggered by Nikita Mazepin, stopped the clock with four minutes left and Maini in the lead. There was no drama after the restart and the Indian remained in the first spot.

MacLeod and Maisano made up the top the top three, while karting graduate Callum Ilott achieved his best starting position so far with fourth place.

Irishman Charlie Eastwood and Aussie Thomas Randle took fifth and sixth, while championship leader Lance Stroll ended up in seventh. The top ten was completed by Santino Ferrucci and local duo James Munro and Brendon Leitch.

In the second session, Maini took an early lead, yet about halfway in, Maisano set a new benchmark time, leading by three tenths.

While some drivers came close to matching him, the Frenchman’s time would not be beaten, leaving him as the first driver to top multiple qualifying sessions in TRS 2015.

MacLeod and Maini once again completed the top three and Eastwood continued his strong form with a fourth. Randle took fifth followed by Artem Markelov and Ilott.

Ferrari junior Stroll will start the final race of the weekend in eighth while Dzhon Simonyan and Ferrucci round out the top ten.

Qualifying results
Race 1 Race 3
Pos. Driver Team Time Pos. Driver Team Time
1 Arjun Maini M2 Competition 59.493 1 Brandon Maisano M2 Competition 59.119
2 Sam MacLeod Giles Motorsport 59.546 2 Sam MacLeod Giles Motorsport 59.131
3 Brandon Maisano M2 Competition 59.708 3 Arjun Maini M2 Competition 59.200
4 Callum Ilott ETEC Motorsport 59.781 4 Charlie Eastwood M2 Competition 59.229
5 Charlie Eastwood M2 Competition 59.782 5 Thomas Randle ETEC Motorsport 59.368
6 Thomas Randle ETEC Motorsport 59.793 6 Artem Markelov Giles Motorsport 59.454
7 Lance Stroll M2 Competition 59.821 7 Callum Ilott ETEC Motorsport 59.455
8 Santino Ferrucci Giles Motorsport 59.926 8 Lance Stroll M2 Competition 59.549
9 James Munro Giles Motorsport 59.951 9 Dzhon Simonyan Giles Motorsport 59.554
10 Brendon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 1:00.053 10 Santino Ferrucci Giles Motorsport 59.555
11 Artem Markelov Giles Motorsport 1:00.082 11 James Munro Giles Motorsport 59.576
12 Alfonso Celis Giles Motorsport 1:00.219 12 Brendon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 59.580
13 Nikita Mazepin ETEC Motorsport 1:00.221 13 Stefan Riener Victory Motor Racing 59.640
14 Jamie Conroy M2 Competition 1:00.266 14 Alfonso Celis Giles Motorsport 59.655
15 Matteo Ferrer ETEC Motorsport 1:00.273 15 Mathias Kristensen M2 Competition 59.755
16 Damon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 1:00.275 16 Nikita Mazepin ETEC Motorsport 59.804
17 Dzhon Simonyan Giles Motorsport 1:00.361 17 Jamie Conroy M2 Competition 59.805
18 Stefan Riener Victory Motor Racing 1:00.469 18 Damon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 59.848
19 Mathias Kristensen M2 Competition 1:00.530 19 Ferdinand Habsburg Victory Motor Racing 1:00.021
20 Ferdinand Habsburg Victory Motor Racing 1:00.674 20 Matteo Ferrer ETEC Motorsport 1:00.731