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Jonathan Browne dominates first FFord Festival semi-final

by Craig Woollard

Cliff Dempsey Racing?s Jonathan Browne cruised to victory in the first Formula Ford Festival semi-final, while Jordan Dempsey departed the race after one corner.

Polesitter Browne led the field from the start to take victory, mastering a early safety car restart after contact with Don Hardman Racing’s Joey Foster at Paddock Hill Bend put Kevin Mills Racing’s Dempsey out of the race.

Team Dolan?s Matt Cowley, who won the first heat, finished 5.477 seconds behind Browne, and only just ahead of Dempsey’s team-mate Michael Eastwell.

The most thrilling scrap through the race was between Foster, Callum Crawley and Ross Martin.

BRSCC National FF1600 champion Martin came out on top in that duel, with Foster dropping back late on but holding off Crawley. Alan Davidson, in a 30-year-old car, finished was just behind them.

Max Marzorati charged up the grid to finish eighth, ahead of B-M Racing team-mate Tom McArthur and Team Dolan’s Morgan Quinn.

Ollie White started at the front but could only manage 11th, with the final automatic qualification spot for the final taken by?Ivor McCullough. Crucially, he edged Michael MacPherson by 0.006s to that spot.

Another to miss out was impressive Team Canada scholar Jonathan Woolridge, who finished 15th.


Race results (15 laps)
Pos Name Team Time
1 Jonathan Browne Cliff Dempsey Racing 14m16.457s
2 Matt Cowley Team Dolan +5.477s
3 Michael Eastwell Kevin Mills Racing +5.649s
4 Ross Martin Team Dolan +8.147s
5 Joey Foster Don Hardman Racing +11.567s
6 Callum Crawley Kevin Mills Racing +12.896s
7 Alan Davidson Harris Racing +12.995s
8 Max Marzorati B-M Racing +13.215s
9 Tom McArthur B-M Racing +13.387s
10 Morgan Quinn Team Dolan +13.818s
11 Ollie White Souley Motorsport +14.437s
12 Ivor McCullough Team DDR +14.693s
13 Michael Macpherson Kevin Mills Racing +14.709s
14 Ryan Campbell +26.280s
15 Jonathan Woolridge Cliff Dempsey Racing +33.518s
16 James Hadfield B-M Racing +36.096s
17 Colm Blackburn Motorsport Car Preparation +36.184s
18 Logan Hannah Graham Brunton Racing +36.433s
19 Simon Hadfield Simon Hadfield Motorsport +37.892s
20 Peter Daly Don Hardman Racing +38.247s
21 Andrew Blair +38.780s
22 Kevin McLurg +45.195s
23 Henry Campbell +46.667s
24 Stuart Kestenbaum Don Hardman Racing +1 lap
25 Andrew Pryke +1 lap
Ret Kenny Cowie Rotor Racing
NC Bryce Aron Oldfield Motorsport +7 laps
Ret Stephen Mawhinney
Ret Dan Rene Larsen
Ret Jordan Dempsey Kevin Mills Racing
Fastest lap: Browne, 50.263s