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James Munro leads opening day of practice at Timaru

by Valentin Khorounzhiy
Photo: Toyota Racing Series

Photo: Toyota Racing Series

Neale Motorsport’s James Munro posted the quickest lap over the two Thursday practice sessions for the second Toyota Racing Series round at Timaru.

The M2 title favorite duo of Steijn Schothorst and Egor Orudzhev ran the show in session one, with the Dutchman going 0.1s quicker.

The Victory pair of Michael Scott and Damon Leitch were third and fourth respectively, ahead of rookies Macauley Jones, Munro and Martin Kodric. Brandon Leitch, Jann Mardenborough and Matevos Isaakyan completed the top ten.

The second session saw newcomers set the pace, with Formula Ford NZ champion Munro leading Jones. Schothorst was third, with championship leader Martin Rump and two-time TRS race winner Orudzhev rounding out the top five.

Damon Leitch posted the sixth-best time, finishing the session ahead of Ryan Tveter, Levin Amweg, Pedro Piquet and Denis Korneev.

Session results
Pos. Driver Team P1 P2
1 James Munro Neale Motorsport 00:58.847 00:57.964
2 Macauley Jones M2 Competition 00:58.827 00:58.176
3 Steijn Schothorst M2 Competition 00:58.552 00:58.268
4 Martin Rump Giles Motorsport 00:59.312 00:58.311
5 Egor Orudzhev M2 Competition 00:58.656 00:58.349
6 Damon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 00:58.778 00:58.439
7 Ryan Tveter Giles Motorsport 00:59.734 00:58.469
8 Levin Amweg M2 Competition 01:00.602 00:58.524
9 Pedro Piquet M2 Competition 00:59.555 00:58.554
10 Denis Korneev ETEC Motorsport 01:00.338 00:58.619
11 Michael Scott Victory Motor Racing 00:58.709 00:58.648
12 Robin Hansson Victory Motor Racing 01:00.113 00:58.671
13 Martin Kodric ETEC Motorsport 00:58.936 00:58.699
14 Jann Mardenborough Giles Motorsport 00:58.996 00:58.761
15 Neil Alberico Victory Motor Racing 00:59.533 00:58.865
16 Brendon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 00:58.977 00:58.925
17 Andrew Tang Neale Motorsport 00:59.186 00:58.975
18 Jordan Oon ETEC Motorsport 00:59.540 00:59.120
19 Matevos Isaakyan ETEC Motorsport 00:59.137 00:59.139
20 Matteo Ferrer Giles Motorsport 00:59.854 00:59.184
21 Gustavo Lima M2 Competition 00:59.367 00:59.446
22 Alif Hamdan Giles Motorsport 01:00.575 00:59.376
23 Matt Rao Giles Motorsport 00:59.386 00:59.457

Personal best time in bold
Best time of session in italics