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Hoe keeps Nordic 4 lead as Pedersen wins twice at Jyllandsringen

by Ida Wood

Photo: Nordic 4

Mads Hoe remains on top of the Nordic 4 standings after collecting two podiums in round two at Jyllandsringen.

Mathias Bjerre Jakobsen set the pace in practice and qualifying, by 0.403 seconds in the former and 0.273s in the latter, with Sebatian Bach joining him on the front row for race one.

Louis Leveau qualified third, ahead of Laerke Ronn Sorensen and leading Formula 5 entrant Hoe. Magnus Pedersen and Marius Kristiansen were also within a second of the pace.

Jakobsen led the first six laps of race one, but on the next tour an incident sent him into retirement and Team FSP’s Leveau moved to the front. He was back in second only a lap later, as Bach took the lead and held it to the finish of the 14-lap race.

Hoe passed Leveau the lap after Bach did, but he had no match for the Formula 4 driver’s pace up front and finihed 3.282s behind him in second. Leveau held off team-mates Kristiansen and Pedersen for third, and Sorensen finished sixth.

Eighth place meant F5 driver Mads Kjelde Larsen started on reversed-grid pole for race two, and lost the lead at turn one in a four-wide move where Pedersen went from fourth to first. Larsen at least held second ahead of Kristiansen, while Sorensen was in fourth before spinning down the ordeer.

Kristiansen did not pressure Pedersen until lap 10, then two laps later he almost crashed at the final corner and that led to him coming under intense pressure from Jakobsen thereon while Pedersen pulled away to win. Mads Hoe was a distant fourth, with Bach in fifth, Larsen finishing a penalised seventh having jumped the start and Sorensen recovering to eighth.

Race three’s grid used the combined finishing positions from the first two, so Bach and Hoe started up front ahead of Pedersen and Kristiansen.

Pedersen made the best launch to go straight into the lead, but Hoe got past him on the outside of turn two. At turn four on lap two he went too deep, handing first place back to Pedersen.

Bach pressured Hoe through laps three and four then dropped back, as Hoe homed back in on Pedersen and pushed the winner for the rest of the race.

Jakobsen initially led a three-car fight for fourth before breaking away from Carl Pramming and Leveau. The latter took fifth place on lap four, and on lap six Kristiansen passed Pramming too. Leveau then messed up a corner entry, dropping behind both.

Mads Kjeldtoft Ljungberg. passed him two laps later, but Leveau got back past he and Pramming late in the race. There was no safety car interruptions, despite Sorensen spinning his car into the gravel and beaching it there.

Results round-up [F5 entrants in italics]
Race 1 (14 laps)
1 Sebastian Bach STEP Motorsport 16m12.294s
Mads Hoe Mads Hoe Motorsport +3.282s
3 Louis Leveau Team FSP +5.301s
4 Marius Kristiansen Team FSP +5.900s
5 Magnus Pedersen MP Racing +6.251s
6 Laerke Ronn Sorensen STEP Motorsport +9.765s
Mille Hoe Mads Hoe Motorsport +21.889s
Mads Kjelde Larsen Mads Hoe Motorsport +22.333s
9 Carl Pramming RaceCraft Driver Academy +25.604s
10 Marcu Terkildsen MT Motorsport +31.178s
Pole: Mathias Bjerre Jakoben, 1m07.121s
Fastest lap: Jakobsen, 1m07.757s

Race 2 (15 laps)
1 Pedersen 16m17.083s
2 Kristiansen +1.693s
3 Jakobsen STEP Motorsport +1.836s
Mads Hoe +5.211s
5 Bach +8.247s
6 Leveau +16.517s
Larsen +18.938s
8 Sorensen +27.777s
Mille Hoe +36.459s
10 Mads Kjeldtoft Ljungberg Team FSP +37.136s
FL: Jakobsen, 1m07.898s

Race 3 (13 laps)
1 Pedersen 16m27.823s
Mads Hoe +0.198s
3 Bach +5.875s
4 Jakobsen +7.580s
5 Kristiansen +17.897s
6 Leveau +29.558s
7 Pramming +30.394s
8 Ljungberg +31.762s
9 Alexia Danielsson Team FSP +32.658s
10 Mille Hoe +50.357s
FL: Jakobsen, 1m08.683s

Championship standings
1 Mads Hoe 116   2 Pedersen 100   3 Bach 76   4 Kristiansen 70   5 Jakobsen 67   6 Sorensen 52   7 Leveau 47   8 Larsen 22   9 Sebastian Schou 20   10 Mille Hoe 15