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Giltaire fastest at Spa in French F4 pre-event testing and practice

by Ida Wood

Photo: Ida Wood

Evan Giltaire was fastest in French Formula 4’s pre-event test and practice session at Spa-Francorchamps.

Thursday was spent testing, and the 26-car field of racers was joined once more by Arthur Dorison. The 2022 FIA Karting Academy Trophy winner and French OK-Junior karting champion is gaining mileage despite not being old enough to race.

Points leader Enzo Peugeot was fastest in the first test session, setting a 2m24.717s to lead Roman Andriolo by 0.177 seconds. He was the only driver within a second of the pace, with Kevin Foster 1.131s back in third. Giltaire was absent from the session.

Peugeot was fastest once again in session two, setting a slower pace at 2m25.960s and leading Andriolo once more by 0.528s.

Giltaire topped session three with a 2m24.606s lap, with Peugeot 0.370s behind in second place and therefore sitting 0.111s behind Giltaire overall with his session one benchmark.

Hiyu Yamakoshi led the final two sessions, setting a 2m24.879s to lead Giltaire by 0.721s in session four and a 2m25.699s in session five with Giltaire 0.468s behind.

The sole practice session took place on Friday morning and Giltaire was fastest through the first 10 minutes while Gabriel Doyle-Parfait only completed two laps before hitting session-ending trouble.

Giltaire’s 0.738s advantage was reduced to 0.572s by Louis Schlesser before yellow flags waved at turn 14 and then practice was red flagged 13 minutes in due to Finn Wiebelhaus having a session-ending issue in the second sector.

Yani Stevenheydens also struck trouble, and the session was stopped for seven minutes. Giltaire did not improve his pace after the restart, while Yamakoshi and Andriolo moved up to second and fourth respectively with two minutes to go.

There was then more red flags, this time caused by Edouard Borgna, and the session did not restart. Giltaire ended up on top by just 0.050s over Yamakoshi, with Schlesser improving to sit 0.430s behind in third and with Andriolo 0.548s back in fourth. Only four other drivers got within a second of Giltaire’s pace around the long Spa lap.

Free practice results
Pos Driver Time Gap Laps
1 Evan Giltaire 2m24.527s 8
2 Hiyu Yamakoshi 2m24.577s +0.050s 8
3 Louis Schlesser 2m24.957s +0.430s 9
4 Romain Andriolo 2m25.075s +0.548s 8
5 Kevin Foster 2m25.120s +0.593s 8
6 Adrien Closmenil 2m25.165s +0.638s 8
7 Edgar Pierre 2m25.254s +0.727s 8
8 Enzo Peugeot 2m25.265s +0.738s 8
9 Garrett Berry 2m25.584s +1.057s 8
10 Tom Kalender 2m25.978s +1.451s 8
11 Enzo Richer 2m25.984s +1.457s 9
12 Karel Schulz 2m26.124s +1.597s 8
13 Paul Alberto 2m26.125s +1.598s 8
14 Max Reis 2m26.234s +1.707s 8
15 Andrei Duna 2m26.251s +1.724s 8
16 Jason Leung 2m26.305s +1.778s 8
17 Yaroslav Veselaho 2m26.577s +2.050s 8
18 Yani Stevenheydens 2m26.623s +2.096s 8
19 Frank Porte Ruiz 2m26.664s +2.137s 8
20 Edouard Borgna 2m26.847s +2.320s 7
21 Finn Wiebelhaus 2m26.996s +2.469s 4
22 Joao Paulo Diaz Balesteiro 2m27.091s +2.564s 9
23 Leonardo Megna 2m27.433s +2.906s 8
24 Pol Lopez 2m27.829s +3.302s 8
25 Luca Savu 2m28.677s +4.150s 7
26 Gabriel Doyle-Parfait 2m38.324s +13.797s 2