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Giltaire fastest as red flags interrupt French F4 practice at Ledenon

by Ida Wood

Photo: FFSA / KSP

Evan Giltaire was fastest in French Formula 4 practice at Ledenon, in a session stopped twice by red flags.

The points leader had a clear advantage after the first few laps, with a 1m22.596s effort putting him 0.409 seconds ahead of Enzo Peugeot in second place and 2.754s clear of Enzo Richer in third.

Richer closed his gap to 0.96s, then he and Peugeot both improved on their fifth laps. Peugeot got within 0.253s of Giltaire, and Richer was 0.422s off the pace.

Next time by the pair improved once again, with Peugeot setting a new 1m22.558s benchmark and Richer now within 0.105s of the front.

It took until almost 11 minutes into the half-hour session for Giltaire to respond, and he did so by setting a 1m22.233s that put him 0.074s ahead of Peugeot who had also got faster. Richer improved by 0.001s an dropped to fifth behind Tom Kalender and Max Reis.

Kevin Foster got himself into third as Giltaire lowered the pace further to 1m22.126s, then the top two snuck in improvements before red flags waved. A 1m22.021s from Giltaire was the time to beat when practice resumed, and drivers were setting their first timed laps since the restart when red flags were brought out again after Karel Schulz struck trouble.

The next restart took place with five minutes to go, and with two successive improvements Richer got himself into fourth and then third place.

Giltaire lowered the pace to 1m21.911s on his penultimate lap to put himself 0.308s clear of Peugeot.

Free practice results
Pos Driver Time Gap Laps
1 Evan Giltaire 1m21.911s 16
2 Enzo Peugeot 1m22.219s +0.308s 16
3 Enzo Richer 1m22.255s +0.344s 16
4 Hiyu Yamakoshi 1m22.362s +0.451s 16
5 Max Reis 1m22.362s +0.451s 15
6 Kevin Foster 1m22.396s +0.485s 15
7 Paul Alberto 1m22.442s +0.531s 16
8 Andrei Duna 1m22.462s +0.551s 15
9 Tom Kalender 1m22.562s +0.651s 15
10 Edgar Pierre 1m22.687s +0.776s 16
11 Yani Stevenheydens 1m22.735s +0.824s 16
12 Romain Andriolo 1m22.755s +0.844s 15
13 Louis Schlesser 1m22.769s +0.858s 15
14 Pol Lopez 1m22.838s +0.927s 16
15 Garrett Berry 1m22.871s +0.960s 15
16 Jason Leung 1m22.940s +1.029s 15
17 Adrien Closmenil 1m23.096s +1.185s 15
18 Karel Schulz 1m23.110s +1.199s 14
19 Gabriel Doyle-Parfait 1m23.232s +1.321s 15
20 Edouard Borgna 1m23.250s +1.339s 15
21 Joao Paulo Diaz Balesteiro 1m23.297s +1.386s 13
22 Frank Porte Ruiz 1m23.516s +1.605s 15
23 Yaroslav Veselaho 1m23.726s +1.815s 15
24 Leonardo Megna 1m23.843s +1.932s 15
25 Finn Wiebelhaus 1m24.106s +2.195s 14
26 Luca Savu 1m25.008s +3.097s 15