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Frenchmen Hubert and Gounon take Pau wins

by Valentin Khorounzhiy


Anthoine Hubert and Jules Gounon were triumphant on Sunday at Pau, taking victories in the first and second French F4 races respectively.

Hubert had little trouble turning his pole into his second victory of the season in race one, crossing the checkered fleg under safety car conditions as he outpaced Dutchman Neal Van Vaerenbergh over the previous laps laps. Florian Pottier was third ahead of Simo Muhonen and Tristan Viidas.

Tom le Coq was sixth ahead of Felix Hirsiger with Jules Gounon in eighth. Remy Deguffroy and Amaury Richard completed the points.

Richard and Deguffroy were the men on the front row, but neither of them managed to hold Gounon at bay during lap one. After five laps, the two Frenchmen came together and ended up the only retirements of the race.

Gounon managed to wrap up his first French F4 victory, keeping Hirsiger at bay. Muhonen finished in third, ahead of Hubert and le Coq. Pottier finished sixth ahead of Dennis Anoschin and van Vaerenbergh. Amaury Rossero and Valentin Naud completed the points.

Race one
Pos. Driver Time/Gap
1 Anthoine Hubert 14 laps in 25:24.546
2 Neal Van Vaerenbergh +1.031
3 Florian Pottier +1.935
4 Simo Muhonen +2.985
5 Tristan Viidas +3.196
6 Tom le Coq +4.428
7 Felix Hirsiger +5.349
8 Jules Gounon +7.839
9 Remy Deguffroy +8.988
10 Amaury Richard +9.779
11 Dennis Anoschin +12.112
12 Kirill Karpov +14.006
13 Amaury Rossero +14.599
14 Valentin Naud +14.776
15 Sidhant Panda +17.300
16 Severin Amweg +18.533
17 Lucile Cypriano +1 lap
Not classified
Matevos Isaakyan +6 laps
Marco de Peretti +6 laps
Kang Ling +10 laps
DNS Ivan Kostyukov


Race two
Pos. Driver Time/Gap
1 Jules Gounon 8 laps in 12:52.368
2 Felix Hirsiger +0.846
3 Simo Muhonen +2.729
4 Anthoine Hubert +3.302
5 Tom le Coq +4.283
6 Florian Pottier +6.003
7 Dennis Anoschin +7.682
8 Neal Van Vaerenbergh +10.540
9 Amaury Rossero +11.886
10 Valentin Naud +12.698
11 Tristan Viidas +13.684
12 Marco de Peretti +14.346
13 Kirill Karpov +15.746
14 Severin Amweg +17.803
15 Lucile Cypriano +18.731
16 Matevos Isaakyan +20.457
17 Kang Ling +21.569
18 Sidhant Panda +23.189
Not classified
Amaury Richard +3 laps
Remy Deguffroy +3 laps
DNS Ivan Kostyukov