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Marvin Kirchhofer heads another Lotus 1-2-3 at Nurburgring

by Valentin Khorounzhiy

Photo: formel3.de

After finishing second in race one, Marvin Kirchhofer made the best out of his starting position in third to take his fourth victory in German F3.

The German wonderkid put in an exceptional performance, overtaking Artem Markelov early on and then dethroning Emil Bernstorff from the lead after seven laps.

The Briton fell back from the lead to third, also having been overtaken by Markelov, to round up another 1-2-3 finish for the Lotus Motopark squad. In fourth, John Bryant-Meisner again led the Performance Racing crew, with Thomas Jager and Yannick Mettler right behind.

In seventh, Gustavo Menezes kept Nabil Jeffri at bay, while the ADM pair of Matteo Cairoli and Tomasz Krzeminski rounded out the top ten. GU-Racing’s Freddy Killensberger was the Trophy class winner.

In the championship, Kirchhofer leads Markelov and Bernstorff by 45 and 51 points respectively.

Race results
Pos. Driver Cl. Team Time/Gap
1 Marvin Kirchhofer C Lotus 18 laps in 29:34.866
2 Artem Markelov C Lotus 4.841
3 Emil Bernstorff C Lotus 5.482
4 John Bryant-Meisner C Performance Racing 8.099
5 Thomas Amweg C Performance Racing 12.136
6 Yannick Mettler C Performance Racing 12.585
7 Gustavo Menezes C Van Amersfoort 15.303
8 Nabil Jeffri C EuroInternational 16.433
9 Matteo Cairoli C ADM Motorsport 19.737
10 Tomasz Krzeminski C ADM Motorsport 25.853
11 Jordi Weckx C Van Amersfoort 48.828
12 Freddy Killensberger T GU-Racing 49.648
13 Sebastian Balthasar T GU-Racing 53.488
14 Jan Schwitter T Rennsport Rossler 1:07.433
15 Sheban Siddiqi C Lotus 1:13.191
16 Thomas Amweg T Jo Zeller Racing 1:13.459
17 Hubertus-Carlos Vier T TTC Motorsport 1:25.726
18 Maximilian Hackl T Frank Woss Racing 1:32.011
19 Thomas Warken T CR Racing Team +1 lap
20 Christian Zeller T CR Racing Team +1 lap
21 Andreas Germann T CR Racing Team +2 laps