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Evans in control on Friday at Hampton Downs

by Valentin Khorounzhiy

Photo: Bruce Jenkins

Alex Lynn might have started out Friday at Hampton Downs as the quickest man on track, but it didn’t take long for 2010-11 Toyota Racing Series champion Mitch Evans to get up to speed, allowing him to display commandeering pace in the following afternoon sessions.

Lynn was the only one to go under 1m02s in the first practice session, posting a time of 1m01.855s. Usual frontrunner Lucas Auer was second yet Evans was already not far off, feeling confident on his return to the Toyota Racing Series right from the start. Brazilians Bruno Bonifacio and Pipo Derani rounded out the top five, within 0.003s of each other.

The times went up significantly as the track got up to temperature in the afternoon, prompting the fastest time of session two to be almost a second faster – 1m00.922s, set by the very man Evans. Bonifacio came a close second with a large group of drivers below him within 0.1s of each other – led by third-placed Jann Mardenborough and also including Derani, Auer, Ignazio D’Agosto (for whom this is his debut in TRS) and Felix Serralles.

Session three was, perhaps, the most eventful of the day as it saw multiple yellow flags due to cars going off at Turn 2. Among those who went for such a detour was Damon Leitch, who was forced to cut his Friday programme short. Once again, it was Evans who set the quickest time, going a tenth-and-a-half faster with with 1m00.779s. Brits Lynn and Mardenborough also went under 1m01s as Bonifacio and D’Agosto completed the top five.

Combined Results
Pos Driver Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 PB Pos
1 Mitch Evans Giles Motorsport 1m02.134s 1m00.922s 1m00.779s 1
2 Alex Lynn M2 Competition 1m01.855s 1m01.897s 1m00.889s 1
3 Jann Mardenborough ETEC Motorsport 1m02.735s 1m01.474s 1m00.897s 3
4 Bruno Bonifacio Giles Motorsport 1m02.376s 1m01.112s 1m01.042s 2
5 Ignazio D’Agosto Victory Motor Racing 1m03.010s 1m01.528s 1m01.095s 5
6 Nick Cassidy M2 Competition 1m02.449s 1m02.097s 1m01.124s 6
7 Pipo Derani Giles Motorsport 1m02.379s 1m01.474s 1m01.224s 4
8 Lucas Auer Giles Motorsport 1m02.049s 1m01.522s 1m01.357s 2
9 Tanart Sathienthirakul ETEC Motorsport 1m02.417s 1m02.143s 1m01.434s 6
10 Felix Serralles Giles Motorsport 1m03.160s 1m01.551s 1m01.443s 7
11 Steijn Schothorst M2 Competition 1m03.021s 1m02.013s 1m01.449s 11
12 Dennis Olsen M2 Competition 1m03.005s 1m02.012s 1m01.615s 10
13 Tatiana Calderon ETEC Motorsport 1m03.522s 1m02.245s 1m01.840s 13
14 Akash Nandy ETEC Motorsport 1m03.979s 1m02.643s 1m01.877s 14
15 Damon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 1m02.547s 1m01.985s 1m02.121s 8
16 Nicholas Latifi Giles Motorsport 1m03.037s 1m02.060s 1m02.959s 12
17 Spike Goddard M2 Competition 1m04.096s 1m03.026s 1m02.919s 16
18 Andrew Tang ETEC Motorsport 1m03.699s 1m02.950s 1m03.960s 17
19 Michael Scott M2 Competition 1m03.326s 1m03.283s 1m03.035s 15

Times in bold denote quickest times of the day for given driver.
Times in italics denote quickest times in a given session