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Esterson fights past Fisher to win second Walter Hayes semi-final

by Ida Wood

Photo: Ida Wood

Max Esterson had to twice overtake Josh Fisher to win the second Walter Hayes Trophy semi-final at Silverstone.

Ammonite Motorsport driver Esterson started from pole, on the outside line, but as in previous races during the day it proved less grippy than the inside where Wayne Poole Racing’s Fisher started from.

He took the lead before Copse corner, with Michael Moyers and Luke Cooper following in behind the top two before red flags were waved due to a multi-car crash on the pit straight that eliminated Robert Wainwright, Ivor McCullough and Gaius Ghinn, whose car also left oil on the pit straight.

The restart used the original grid order, putting Esterson back on pole, and once again he was passed by Fisher before Copse. There was drama further behind as Rory Smith and Michael Eastwell had contact exiting Brooklands, while Eastwell’s Kevin Mills Racing team-mate Robert Wolk went wide and lost places.

A spinner further back in the order meant there were yellow flags waved once the lead group returned to the corner on the next lap, and then another incident elsewhere meant the safety car was called out.

Racing resumed on lap five of 10, and Esterson passed Fisher while Andrew Rackstraw got by Moyers for third at Brooklands. But Fisher then took the inside line at Luffield and had just enough momentum to end the lap 0.078 seconds ahead.

Esterson got back past on lap six, and at Brooklands on lap seven there was more drama for Smith as he went to pass Rackstraw on the inside. He got alongside, then Rackstraw rode over Smith’s rear-right wheel and it sent him spinning backwards into the gravel.

A lengthy recovery meant yellow flags were back out at the corner, and meant Smith could not attack Fisher for second place while Esterson pulled away in the closing laps.

Michael Eastwell ended up being the top KMR driver in fourth after passing Moyers and Wolk, while David McCullough, Thomas Schrage, Jake Cowden and Brandon McCaughan all guaranteed a spot in the final by finishing in the top 10. Tim Blanchard finished 11th after he was penalised five seconds for track limits abuse.

Race result (10 laps)

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Max Esterson Ammonite Motorsport 13m05.334s
2 Josh Fisher Wayne Poole Racing +1.188s
3 Rory Smith B-M Racing +1.331s
4 Michael Eastwell Kevin Mills Racing +1.691s
5 Michael Moyers Simon Hadfield Motorsport +2.049s
6 Robert Wolk Kevin Mills Racing +4.229s
7 David McCullough Team DDR +4.782s
8 Thomas Schrage Ammonite Motorsport +5.153s
9 Jake Cowden Graham Brunton Racing +10.021s
10 Brandon McCaughan Oldfield Motorsport +10.099s
11 Tim Blanchard Souley Motorsport +14.725s
12 Kevin Foster Graham Brunton Racing +14.899s
13 Luke Cooper Swift Cooper +19.532s
14 Alex Ames Sema Racing +19.872s
15 Sam Gornall B-M Racing +20.467s
16 Joe Watts Team Fox Racing +21.334s
17 Alex Vos Kevin Mills Racing +26.216s
18 Ollie White Don Hardman Racing +26.769s
19 Richard Davison Souley Motorsport +29.491s
20 Will Lowing Souley Motorsport +29.845s
21 Matthew Wrigley +30.019s
22 Andrew Schofield Kevin Mills Racing +30.559s
23 Kieran Attwood Souley Motorsport +31.067s
24 James Clarke Engima Motorsport +32.663s
25 William Ferguson Ammonite Motorsport +32.872s
26 Megan Gilkes B-M Racing +34.739s
27 Nigel Thompson Oldfield Motorsport +35.745s
28 Adam Fathers AF Racing +39.147s
29 Jake Shortland +40.316s
30 James Sweetnam Simon Hadfield Motorsport +50.701s
Ret Lewis Fox Team Fox Racing
Ret Andrew Rackstraw Kevin Mills Racing
Ret Andre Lafond Team Dolan
Ret Miles Griffiths Hi-Tech Motorsport
Ret Pascal Monbaron John’s Racing Team
DNS Robert Wainwright
DNS Gaius Ghinn
DNS Ivor McCullough Team DDR
Fastest lap: Eastwell 1m09.579s