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Drivex’s Matus Ryba leads 58-car field at Paul Ricard in F4 test

by Ida Wood

Photo: Drivex

The Italian and Spanish Formula 4 championships tested at Paul Ricard this week, and it was Matus Ryba who set the pace.

The drivers were split into their two championships for the test, and the Italian F4 runners were first on track on Tuesday. Van Amersfoort Racing’s Hiyu Yamakoshi set the pace, a 2m07.341s putting him 0.151 seconds ahead of team-mate Gustav Jonsson.

US Racing’s Gianmarco Pradel was 0.172s behind in third, with the Prema quintet of Kean Nakamura Berta, Freddie Slater, Rashid Al Dhaheri, Dion Gowda and Alex Powell filling the next positions and all within 0.5s of Yamakoshi. The top 13 was covered by a second.

Laptimes were a lot slower for the Spanish F4 contingent, with a 2m30.480s enough to put MP Motorsport’s Griffin Peebles on top, and by 0.151s over Rodin Motorsport’s Peter Bouzinelos. Campos Racing’s Jan Przyrowski was 0.447s behind in third, with MP’s Maciej Gladysz and Rene Lammers the only others within a second of the pace.

The Italian F4 runners also went slowly when they returned to track, and Pradel set a 2m20.975s to lead Jonsson by 0.449s as 0.929s covered the top seven.

Rodin’s Thomas Strauven lowered the Spanish F4 pace in their second session, setting a 2m16.883 to go fastest by 1.3s over Przyrowski. All 33 drivers on track improved, while Drivex School’s Ryba was absent.

A new 2m07.117s benchmark was set by Pradel in the next session, going just 0.082s faster than Dion Gowda. Yamakoshi, Rodella, Slater and Al Dhaheri were within 0.5s of Pradel, and there were eight non-improvers.

Douwe Dedecker, driving a ‘Team USA’-entered Global Racing Service-run car, improved to 2m19.078s to go fastest by 1.896s over Peebles in the next Spanish F4 session. Only five drivers improved their pace.

The day’s last sessions were even slower, with Pradel setting a 2m19.251s to lead Jonsson by 0.202s in Italian F4 and MP’s Keanu Al Azhari posting a 2m27.828s to pip Peebles by 0.171s, Ruba by 0.186s and Drivex’s Francisco Macedo by 0.284s in an uncompetitive Spanish F4 session.

The session order swapped around for Wednesday, and there were immediate pace improvements. Drivex’s Juan Cota set a 2m07.316s to top the fifth Spanish F4 session by 0.856s over Gladysz and 0.936s over Przyrowski, with all improving. It was the same for Italian F4, as Yamakoshi lowered the pace to 2m04.214s. He was fastest by 0.363s over US Racing’s Akshay Bohra, with the top 12 split by 0.922s.

Peebles responded with a 2m02.537s in the next session, as everyone improved again, and was fastest by 1.706s over GRS’s Adrian Ferrer who had previously been near the bottom of the timesheet.

Jack Beeton set a 2m04.246s to lead a US Racing 1-2-3 in the sixth Italian F4 session, with Powell and Gowda in fourth and fifth. The eight non-improvers included VAR’s quintet.

A 2m04.328s lap put Ryba on top of the penultimate Spanish F4 session by 0.794s over Cota and 0.953s over Strauven, although 1.975s covered the top 21 and 15 drivers improved.

Yamakoshi edged Powell by 0.036s in an ultra-competitive seventh Italian F4 session, with a top 12 spread of 0.474s, but only three drivers set personal bests.

Ryba then set the fastest lap of testing – a 2m01.879s – in Spanish F4’s last session and was fastest by 2.592s over Ferrer, who did not improve. There were 10 drivers who did, while Cota and Sacha van’t Pad Bosch were absent.

Only one driver improved in the final Italian F4 session, and Jonsson set a 2m04.945s to lead a VAR 1-2-3-4.

Test results

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Matus Ryba Drivex School 2m01.879s 119
2 Griffin Peebles MP Motorsport 2m02.537s +0.658s 135
3 Hiyu Yamakoshi Van Amersfoort Racing 2m04.214s +2.335s 115
4 Adrian Ferrer GRS Team USA 2m04.243s +2.364s 126
5 Jack Beeton US Racing 2m04.246s +2.367s 118
6 Lucas Fluxa MP Motorsport 2m04.443s +2.564s 136
7 Gianmarco Pradel US Racing 2m04.487s +2.608s 118
8 Akshay Bohra US Racing 2m04.520s +2.641s 122
9 Alex Powell Prema 2m04.625s +2.746s 121
10 Dion Gowda Prema 2m04.632s +2.753s 121
11 Matheus Ferreira US Racing 2m04.682s +2.803s 124
12 Freddie Slater Prema 2m04.808s +2.929s 120
13 Alvise Rodella Van Amersfoort Racing 2m04.832s +2.953s 116
14 Emanuele Olivieri AKM Motorsport 2m04.849s +2.970s 121
15 Kean Nakamura Berta Prema 2m04.856s +2.977s 104
16 Gustav Jonsson Van Amersfoort Racing 2m04.913s +3.034s 113
17 Andrija Kostic Van Amersfoort Racing 2m05.001s +3.122s 117
18 Rashid Al Dhaheri Prema 2m05.010s +3.131s 114
19 Juan Cota Drivex School 2m05.122s +3.243s 106
20 Keanu Al Azhari MP Motorsport 2m05.186s +3.307s 123
21 #52 AKM Motorsport 2m05.204s +3.325s 125
22 Francisco Macedo Drivex School 2m05.230s +3.351s 127
23 Filippo Fiorentino Cram Motorsport 2m05.242s +3.363s 143
24 Mattia Colnaghi MP Motorsport 2m05.244s +3.365s 138
25 Thomas Strauven Rodin Motorsport 2m05.281s +3.402s 127
26 Tomass Stolcermanis Prema 2m05.302s +3.424s 122
27 James Egozi Campos Racing 2m05.323s +3.444s 118
28 Peter Bouzinelos Rodin Motorsport 2m05.356s +3.477s 128
29 Jan Pryzrowski Campos Racing 2m05.419s +3.540s 138
30 Nathan Tye Campos Racing 2m05.440s +3.561s 137
31 Gabriel Gomez TC Racing 2m05.471s +3.592s 134
32 Matteo Quintarelli Sainteloc Racing 2m05.512s +3.633s 125
33 Maxim Rehm US Racing 2m05.533s +3.654s 123
34 Maciej Gladysz MP Motorsport 2m05.549s +3.670s 129
35 Enzo Tarnvanichkul Campos Racing 2m05.573s +3.694s 123
36 Rehan Hakim Monlau Motorsport 2m05.587s +3.708s 99
37 Andres Cardenas Campos Racing 2m05.704s +3.825s 132
38 #16 PHM Racing 2m05.744s +3.865s 134
39 #70 PHM Racing 2m05.755s +3.876s 130
40 Douwe Dedecker GRS Team USA 2m05.794s +3.915s 101
41 Maximilian Popov PHM Racing 2m05.827s +3.948s 128
42 Gabriel Holguin Maffi Racing 2m05.845s +3.966s 137
43 Ernesto Rivera Campos Racing 2m05.880s +4.001s 125
44 Mikkel Pedersen Drivex School 2m05.956s +4.077s 113
45 Rene Lammers MP Motorsport 2m05.957s +4.078s 137
46 Yevan David Sainteloc Racing 2m05.986s +4.107s 124
47 Kabir Anurag US Racing 2m06.057s +4.178s 124
48 Maxi Restrepo Sainteloc Racing 2m06.090s +4.211s 120
49 Cristian Cantu TC Racing 2m06.119s +4.240s 125
50 Everett Stack PHM Racing 2m06.250s +4.371s 134
51 Preston Lambert Rodin Motorsport 2m06.266s +4.387s 126
52 Alexander Jacoby GRS Team USA 2m06.295s +4.416s 118
53 Hod Van Amersfoort Racing 2m06.322s +4.443s 128
54 Wiktor Dobrzanski Tecnicar Motorsport 2m06.371s +4.492s 99
55 Sacha van’t Pad Bosch Tecnicar Motorsport 2m06.397s +4.518s 91
56 Lenny Reid Monlau Motorsport 2m06.488s +4.609s 115
57 Tim Gerhards Monlau Motorsport 2m06.539s +4.660s 108
58 Lorenzo Castillo Tecnicar Motorsport 2m07.913s +6.034s 119