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David and Beganovic on pole for FREC’s races in Monaco

by Ida Wood

Photo: FRECA

R-ace GP’s Hadrien David and Prema’s Dino Beganovic claimed the pole positions for Formula Regional European Championship races one and two in Monaco this weekend.

The 37-car entry list was split into two groups for qualifying, with the first group starting from the odd-numbered positions and the other from the even-numbered grid spots in race one, and the reverse being the case for race two.

There were several contenders for pole in the first group, and David set the early pace. Paul Aron denied everyone the chance to beat David for a short period of time as his suspension broke on the bumps approaching Mirabeau and caused a full course yellow as his car was recovered. He will only start one race this weekend due a limit on the size of the grid.

Joshua Duerksen (Arden) then Michael Belov (MP Motorsport) announced their intentions by moving to the top one after the other a third of the way into the half-hour session, but when David completed his next lap he returned to first place ahead of Belov and Kas Haverkort (Van Amersfoort Racing).

David improved to 1m31.552s as ART Grand Prix’s Laurens van Hoepen became the next contender as he rose to second. Shortly after Duerksen and Belov went one-two, before Haverkort posted a 1m31.042s to end the first runs on top.

That benchmark stood for a while through the second runs, and it was with just over eight minutes to go that he was usurped as David went 0.567 seconds faster before a second VSC period as Santiago Ramos spun exiting the Swimming Pool section.

David lowered the pace further to 1m30.293s to keep himself on top by 0.044s ahead of Duerksen, but Belov and Haverkort were able to better both.

In response, David set a lap 0.015s off Belov’s and with time to complete one more. Haverkort was the first of the contenders to finish qualifying, and he broke into the 1m29s. David was able to do the same with a rapid middle sector and took pole with a 1m29.802s as Belov’s car was too loose to lower his pace.

The session ended with a car stopped in the tunnel and MP’s Dilano van’t Hoff hitting the Tabac barriers.

R-ace GP’s Gabriel Bortoleto was fastest early in the second group, then Beganovic led on the second laps.

Bortoleto and ART GP’s Mari Boya and Gabriele Mini all lowered the pace, and the first runs ended with Bortoleto avoiding spinning when he got sideways at the Nouvelle chicane.

Mini improved to 1m30.110s with just under eight minutes remaining, then a minute later Boya set a 1m30.025s to lead Leonardo Fornaroli (Trident) and Eduardo Barrichello (Arden) by 0.049s.

The response from Mini was a 1m30.006s, and there was then red flags as Monolite Racing’s Cenyu Han crashed at Massenet.

Qualifying was restarted and points leader Beganovic went fastest by 0.009s with 1m20s to go, then a further half-second quicker at the chequered flag with Mini following him across the line, 0.323s slower.

Qualifying results

Pos Driver Team Group A Group B
1 Dino Beganovic Prema 1m29.459s
2 Hadrien David R-ace GP 1m29.802s
3 Gabriele Mini ART Grand Prix 1m29.782s
4 Kas Haverkort Van Ameersfoort Racing 1m29.988s
5 Gabriel Bortoleto R-ace GP 1m29.786s
6 Michael Belov MP Motorsport 1m30.018s
7 Mari Boya ART Grand Prix 1m30.025s
8 Laurens van Hoepen ART Grand Prix 1m30.098s
9 Leonardo Fornaroli Trident 1m30.031s
10 Noel Leon Arden 1m30.108s
11 Eduardo Barrichello Arden 1m30.074s
12 Joshua Duerksen Arden 1m30.134s
13 Sami Meguetounif MP Motorsport 1m30.091s
14 Maceo Capietto Monolite Racing 1m30.583s
15 Sebastian Montoya Prema 1m30.271s
16 Esteban Masson FA Racing by MP 1m30.665s
17 Tim Tramnitz Trident 1m30.349s
18 Pietro Delli Guanti R-P-M 1m30.755s
19 Roman Bilinski Trident 1m30.353s
Qualifies for one race
20 Joshua Dufek Van Amersfoort Racing 1m31.023s
21 Victor Bernier FA Racing by MP 1m30.361s
22 Lorenzo Fluxa R-ace GP 1m31.070s
23 Owen Tangavelou G4 Racing 1m30.381s
24 Piotr Wisnicki KIC Motorsport 1m31.357s
25 Matias Zagazeta G4 Racing 1m30.773s
26 Dilano van’t Hoff MP Motorsport 1m31.407s
27 Axel Gnos G4 Racing 1m30.932s
28 Nicolas Baptiste FA Racing by MP 1m32.003s
29 Keith Donegan R-P-M 1m31.065s
30 Pietro Armanni Monolite Racing 1m32.901s
31 Levente Revesz Van Amersfoort Racing 1m31.369s
32 Santiago Ramos KIC Motorsport 1m33.191s
33 Francesco Braschi KIC Motorsport 1m32.056s
34 Hamda Al Qubaisi Prema 1m34.290s
35 Lena Buhler R-ace GP 1m32.075s
36 Paul Aron Prema 1m42.418s
37 Cenyu Han Monolite Racing 1m33.067s