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Crawford tops day one of final in-season Italian F4 test at Vallelunga

by Ida Wood

Photo: ACI Sport

Van Amersfoort Racing set the pace on day one of Italian Formula 4’s two-day in-season test at Vallelunga, with Jak Crawford leading a one-two for the team.

With 31 drivers in attendance, the cars had to be split into two groups for the test. Each group had four sessions each, with the smaller number of drivers in Group ‘B’ being put with the Formula Regional European Championship drivers also testing.

Crawford’s team-mate and fellow Red Bull junior topped sessions one and three for Group A, with Crawford being the driver to beat in the second morning session. He ended up unable to improve in the afternoon, but remained in first place by 0.226 seconds from Edgar.

Newly crowned series champion Gabriele Mini went third fastest overall by setting the pace in the final session for Group A, but he failed to record a laptime in the session before.

His team-mates filled the positions behind him after also upping their pace in session four, with Dino Beganovic, Sebastian Montoya and Gabriel Bortoleto in fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh respectively.

US Racing’s Ollie Bearman and Tim Tramnitz were put in Group B and they topped two sessions each there. Tramnitz was the quicker of the two in the morning, while Bearman was the faster in the afternoon and went seventh fastest overall.

Tramnitz, who failed to improve in the final session, ended up down in 12th behind Bhaitech’s Sebastian Ogaard, Iron Lynx’s Leonardo Fornaroli, Jenzer Motorsport duo Santiago Ramos and Filip Ugran, and VAR’s Cenyu Han.

The top 18 cars were within a second of the pace, with the order propped up by Portuguese karter Pedro Perino, who was driving for DR Formula. The Portugal-registered team is planning to return to Italian F4 next year.

Test results
Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1 Jak Crawford Van Amersfoort Racing 1m32.990s 104
2 Jonny Edgar Van Amersfoort Racing 1m33.216s +0.226s 102
3 Gabriele Mini Prema 1m33.312s +0.322s 64
4 Dino Beganovic Prema 1m33.318s +0.328s 76
5 Sebastian Montoya Prema 1m33.333s +0.343s 85
6 Gabriele Bortoleto Prema 1m33.363s +0.373s 73
7 Ollie Bearman US Racing 1m33.535s +0.545s 82
8 Sebastian Ogaard Bhaitech 1m33.652s +0.662s 74
9 Leonardo Fornaroli Iron Lynx 1m33.675s +0.685s 69
10 Santiago Ramos Jenzer Motorsport 1m33.676s +0.686s 84
11 Filip Ugran Jenzer Motorsport 1m33.686s +0.696s 91
12 Cenyu Han Van Amersfoort Racing 1m33.738s +0.748s 88
13 Tim Tramnitz US Racing 1m33.783s +0.793s 90
14 Tikhon Kharitonov Bhaitech 1m33.853s +0.863s 91
15 Kirill Smal Prema 1m33.874s +0.884s 76
16 Diego Contecha Mucke Motorsport 1m33.931s +0.941s 87
17 Bence Valint Van Amersfoort Racing 1m33.978s +0.988s 96
18 Dexter Patterson Bhaitech 1m33.986s +0.996s 82
19 Kacper Sztuka Iron Lynx 1m34.113s +1.123s 94
20 Francesco Simonazzi BVM Technorace 1m34.173s +1.183s 101
21 Nicolas Baptiste Cram Motorsport 1m34.214s +1.224s 95
22 Jesse Salmenautio Bhaitech 1m34.221s +1.231s 86
23 Andrea Rosso Cram Motorsport 1m34.244s +1.254s 92
24 Francesco Braschi Jenzer Motorsport 1m34.256s +1.266s 71
25 Axel Gnos G4 Racing 1m34.369s +1.379s 105
26 Hamda Al Qubaisi Abu Dhabi Racing 1m34.458s +1.468s 42
27 Elia Sperandio Jenzer Motorsport 1m34.578s +1.588s 75
28 Pietro Armanni BVM Technorace 1m34.579s +1.589s 88
29 Yaroslav Shevyrtalov Iron Lynx 1m34.843s +1.853s 87
30 Vittorio Catino Cram Motorsport 1m35.193s +2.203s 101
31 Pedro Perino DR Formula 1m38.588s +5.598s 77