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Charles Leong leads 17-car F4 entry list for Macau GP

by Ida Wood

Photo: Chinese F4

Charles Leong and Andy Chang will be home favourites for this year’s Macau Grand Prix, with the ex-Formula 3 drivers joining Chinese Formula 4’s season finale on Macau’s streets.

The closing of Macau’s borders to international visitors from outside of China during the coronavirus pandemic led to FIA Formula 3 losing its spot on the Macau GP bill on November 20-22, with China’s locally populated F4 series taking its place.

Following two free practice sessions on Friday, qualifying and the Qualification Race will occur on Saturday, and the results from that will set the grid for the 12-lap grand prix-awarding Main Race, as is tradition for the event.

Each race will be worth double points for Chinese F4, although Leong will be ineligible to score as he was champion of the series in 2017.

Both Chang and Leong raced at the most round at Zhuhai to see which team they should join for a grand prix attack. Leong has a best Macau finish of 19th from his two entries in the event, while Chang finished an impressive 12th in 2016 on his third attempt.

Smart Life Racing will run points leader Zijian He and Leong in Macau, with He’s closest title rival Stephen Hong moving from FFA Racing to join the local Asia Racing Team alongside Yu Songtao.

Level on points with Hong is Sicheng Li, and he remains with the LEO Geeke team that has run him so far this year. His team-mate will be Weifu Huang (also known as James Hong) who moves across from Henmax Motorsport and takes the place of Cheng Tao.

The final title contender is Hong Kong’s Junjie Lu, who fronts a single-car entry for Pointer Racing. His country is also represented by Champ Motorsport’s Yucheng Zeng and Henmax director Ying Fu Hon, who is driving for his own team.

Kang’s Racing Company, which has previously aligned with Welsh squad CF Racing in British F3, will partner with SUNMAX for its two-car entry for the grand prix.

Macau Grand Prix entry list
Team No Driver 2020
Smart Life Racing #2 Charles Leong NC in Chinese F4
#22 Zijian He 1st in Chinese F4
LEO Geeke #32 Sicheng Li 3rd in Chinese F4
#48 Weifu Huang 10th in Chinese F4
Asia Racing Tean #17 Stephen Hong 2nd in Chinese F4
#26 Yu Songtao 14th in Chinese F4
Pointer Racing #3 Junjie Lu 4th in Chinese F4
BlackArts Racing #7 Oscar Gao 8th in Chinese F4
#11 Yuanjie Zhu 5th in Chinese F4
Chengdu Team #28 Andy Chang 6th in Chinese F4
Champ Motorsport #21 Yucheng Zeng 16th in Chinese F4
Grid Motorsport #23 Neric Wei NC in Chinese F4
SUNMAX #33 Zong Yi Shang
#56 Jing Zefeng 11th in Chinese F4
Henmax Motorsport #61 Ying Fu Hon
no team listed #8 Yang Liu
#95 Hui Zheng