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Chadwick converts historic pole into breakthough first Indy Nxt victory

by Bethonie Waring

Photo: Chris Owens

Andretti Global’s Jamie Chadwick secured her maiden Indy Nxt victory in a stop-start race at Road Americas.

Chadwick led lights-to-flag, controlling the race through multiple caution periods and a late red flag stoppage which set up a two-lap dash to the finish.

She finished 0.8 seconds ahead of team-mate Louis Foster, who secured second in a photo finish against Abel Motorsports’ points leader Jacob Abel.

Despite the multiple incidents further down the order it was a simple race for Chadwick who could concentrate on her own race as Abel and Foster battled. Abel snatched second before an early caution period caused by a multi-car incident.

Salvador de Alba and James Roe Jr had made slight contact before Roe was sent into a spin and struck the car of Kiko Porto. De Alba was able to continue but Roe and Porto needed retrieval to get back to the pits.

The track turned green a few laps later and Abel was able pressure Chadwick at the restart. He could not find a way through, however, and Chadwick was still leading when the pace car was brought out again due to de Alba stopping on track.

The second restart went better for Chadwick, who was able to escape up the road as Foster and Abel battled again. Foster found a way past Abel, and defended second place when Abel came back at him.

It was not long before Foster then closed in on Chadwick, but attempting a move for the lead put him on the back foot and back into a fight against Abel who was briefly able to take second place back.

With four laps to go the race was interrupted again as Myles Rowe and Jordan Missig went into the gravel and did not come back out. Rowe had been battling with Michael d’Orlando when he spun and bounced over the kerbs, collecting Missig in the aftermath. The race was red flagged so the incident could be cleared, and after it restarted there was two laps of green flag action.

Foster had no answer to Chadwick, and again had to contend with Abel. But by holding him off he reduced Abel’s championship lead to 20 points.

Caio Collet had made a strong restart after the final caution period, but fell back behind Reece Gold after the race stoppage and finished fifth, ahead of Callum Hedge and Josh Pierson.

Race result (20 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Jamie Chadwick Andretti Global
2 Louis Foster Andretti Global +0.8203s
3 Jacob Abel Abel Motorsports +0.8439s
4 Reece Gold HMD Motorsports +1.3684s
5 Caio Collet HMD Motorsports +2.2711s
6 Callum Hedge HMD Motorsports +2.8936s
7 Josh Pierson HMD Motorsports +3.611s
8 Bryce Aron Andretti Global +4.1967s
9 Yuven Sundaramoorthy Abel Motorsports +4.6934s
10 Nolan Allaer HMD Motorsports +5.3235s
11 Michael d’Orlando Andretti Cape +6.3464s
12 Kiko Porto HMD Motorsports +6.9593s
13 Niels Koolen HMD Motorsports +7.2593s
14 Christian Bogle HMD Motorsports +7.9019s
15 Jack William Miller Miller Vinatieri Racing +9.2713s
16 Lindsay Brewer Juncos Hollinger Racing +15.2064s
17 Jonathan Browne HMD Motorsports +1 lap
18 James Roe Jr Andretti Global +1 lap
Ret Myles Rowe HMD Motorsports
Ret Jordan Missig Abel Motorsports
Ret Salvador de Alba Andretti Cape
Fastest lap: Abel, 1m53.2301s

Championship standings
1 Abel 256   2 Foster 236   3 Collet 179   4 Nolan Siegel 177   5 Hedge 156   6 Gold 156   7 Rowe 151   8 d’Orlando 143   9 Chadwick 140   10 Browne 127