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Seewooruthun wins in British F4 as car issues deny dominant Fairclough

by Ida Wood

Photo: Jakob Ebrey Photography

Reza Seewooruthun won British Formula 4’s third race at Thruxton after a car issue sent Hitech GP team-mate Deagen Fairclough into retirement while he was dominating.

Fairclough had pole and shared the front row with Jack Sherwood, as Zack Scoular and Abbi Pulling filled row two for a surprise rolling, rather than standing, start.

There was battling from the off, but Fairclough quickly distanced himself from it and was 1.222 seconds ahead of Sherwood after two laps. Scoular and Pulling were fighting for third, and a rapid Seewooruthun was fifth.

Fairclough’s gap grew to 2.489s on the next lap, and it got larger and larger until he was 6.7s clear of the fight for second at the end of lap six. However his domination came to an end not long after as on lap seven his car ground to a halt on track and the safety car led the field for the rest of the 11-lap race (a shortened so it did not end after the curfew on track activities).

Scoular made a great move around the outside of Sherwood at the final chicane to take second place on lap three, but Sherwood reclaimed the position by going down the inside of him at turn one on the next lap.

At Cobb, the less tight chicane, Scoular made another move while Alex Nionvic passed Pulling and Seewooruthun to get into fourth. However he than had a huge lock-up, Scoular went off at the final corner, and it was Sherwood who started lap five in second ahead of Seewooruthun, Ninovic, Pulling and James Higgins.

Seewooruthun went too deep into Cobb this time and lost out to Ninovic, but Seewooruthun swept back past exiting Seagrave and overtook Sherwood at Goodwood. At the final chicane Sherwood lost another place to Ninovic after a big lock-up, and behind them Higgins and Yuanpu Cui were getting more involved before Cui picked up race-ending suspension damage.

The race was permanently neutralised on the next lap, with the demise of Fairclough and Cui bringing Scoular back up to sixth.

Race result (11 laps)
Pos Driver Team Time
1 Reza Seewooruthun Hitech GP 18m29.315s
2 Alex Ninovic Rodin Motorsport +0.357s
3 Jack Sherwood Rodin Motorsport +0.934s
4 Abbi Pulling Rodin Motorsport +1.432s
5 James Higgins Rodin Motorsport +1.826s
6 Zack Scoular Xcel Motorsport +2.315s
7 Leo Robinson JHR Developments +3.305s
8 Matin Molnar Virtuosi Racing +3.458s
9 Rowan Campbell-Pilling Argenti Motorsport +5.124s
10 Mika Abrahams Hitech GP +5.297s
11 Alex Berg Fortec Motorsports +5.448s
12 Kai Daryanani Fortec Motorsports +5.594s
13 Chloe Chong JHR Developments +7.685s
14 Nina Pothof Fortec Motorsports +8.207s
15 Ella Lloyd JHR Developments +8.450s
16 Maxwell Dodds Virtuosi Racing +8.824s
17 Yuhao Fu Virtuosi Racing +9.985s
Ret Deagen Fairclough Hitech GP
Ret Yuanpu Cui Argenti Motorsport
DNS August Raber Xcel Motorsport
Fastest lap: Fairclough, 1m11.245s

Championship standings
Fairclough 181   Ninovic 151   3 Higgins 111.5   4 Sherwood 108   5 Pulling 86   6 Seewooruthun 82   7 Abrahams 70   Cui 47   9 Berg 34   10 Campbell-Pilling 28