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Bonifacio, Tang and Lynn top sessions on an unpredictable Friday

by Valentin Khorounzhiy

The third round of the Toyota Racing Series at Taupo saw the first time during the year that all practice sessions were topped by different people. On Thursday, Lucas Auer and Nick Cassidy were unsurprisingly in charge, yet Friday saw the likes of Bruno Bonifacio, Andrew Tang and Alex Lynn record quickest times in given sessions.

Bonifacio enjoyed a great start of the day as a lap of one minute and 23.678 seconds made him untouchable in the first practice session, with the second best time (set by Cassidy) being almost four tenths slower. Lynn completed the top three with Auer and Pipo Derani another three tenths behind.

A top-notch performance by rookie Tang saw him run away with the quickest time in session two, as the usual suspects Lynn and Cassidy rounded up the top three. Nicholas Latifi had a strong showing in fourth, setting his personal best time early on in the session, while Steijn Schothorst showed his usual frontrunner pace with fifth.

However, the best time of the day was yet to come, set by Lynn in the third session – a lap of one minute and 23.522 seconds. Again, Cassidy was right behind, setting the same time that Bonifacio topped the first practice with, with Schothorst continuing an upward trend by setting the third time. Bonifacio himself was fourth after not setting a time in session two, while Felix Serralles got back on form by putting himself in fifth. The session saw a brief red-flag period in what was otherwise an incident-light day, reportedly due to Michael Scott spinning out but managing to recover and continue practice.

Combined Results
Pos Driver Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 PB Pos
1 Alex Lynn M2 Competition 1m24.095s 1m24.633s 1m23.522s 1
2 Bruno Bonifacio Giles Motorsport 1m23.678s No time 1m23.932s 1
3 Nick Cassidy M2 Competition 1m24.019s 1m24.667s 1m23.678s 2
4 Steijn Schothorst M2 Competition 1m24.504s 1m24.853s 1m23.838s 3
5 Felix Serralles Giles Motorsport 1m25.429s 1m25.015s 1m23.966s 5
6 Damon Leitch Victory Motor Racing 1m24.609s 1m25.025s 1m23.980s 6
7 Jann Mardenborough ETEC Motorsport 1m24.872s 1m25.526s 1m24.084s 7
8 Lucas Auer Giles Motorsport 1m24.428s 1m24.987s 1m24.159s 4
9 Pipo Derani Giles Motorsport 1m24.462s 1m25.025s 1m24.201s 5
10 Tatiana Calderon ETEC Motorsport 1m24.932s 1m25.528s 1m24.219s 9
11 Andrew Tang ETEC Motorsport 1m25.012s 1m24.516s 1m25.860s 1
12 Nicholas Latifi Giles Motorsport 1m25.289s 1m24.692s 1m25.128s 4
13 Akash Nandy ETEC Motorsport 1m25.542s 1m26.222s 1m24.996s 11
14 Tanart Sathienthirakul ETEC Motorsport 1m25.177s 1m25.082s 1m25.668s 10
15 Spike Goddard M2 Competition 1m25.459s 1m27.715s 1m25.128s 13
16 Dennis Olsen M2 Competition 1m25.260s 1m25.567s 1m26.086s 12
17 Michael Scott M2 Competition 1m26.179s 1m25.348s 1m25.820s 11

Times in bold denote quickest times of the day for given driver.
Times in italics denote quickest times in a given session