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Aron beats Beganovic in Prema FREC 1-2 at Paul Ricard

by Bethonie Waring

Photo: Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency

Paul Aron beat Dino Beganovic in the opening Formula Regional European Championship race at Paul Ricard.

Aron came through from third on the grid to beat his team-mate after a close battle with Beganovic at the front of the order.

Michael Belov snatched third from Gabriel Bortoleto on the final lap to take his first podium finish of the season.

Beganovic had held off Bortoleto off the line and led the top three away from the rest of the field on the opening lap. That gap was almost immediately eliminated when an incident for Joshua Dufek brought out the safety car.

On the restart it was again the top three that broke away from the rest of the order. Aron in third put more pressure on Bortoleto than Bortoleto did on Beganovic and soon found a way past the R-ace GP driver.

The two Prema drivers then broke away from the rest of the field. Aron managed to find a way past Beganovic at the final corner, only for the championship leader to come back through with push to pass.

The battle continued and a few laps later Aron was able to make the move stick on his team-mate. The battling allowed the trio of drivers running third through fifth to briefly close in on the back of them, only for the fight for third to drop them away again.

Beganovic could not find a way back through by the chequered flag and finished 0.9s behind his team-mate.

Bortoleto spent the closing stages of the race battling to keep Belov behind him. The two swapped places a number of times using push to pass, but it was Bortoleto ahead as they started the final lap. Belov continued to push though, and used the overtaking assistance to make another move which Bortoleto was unable to fight.

Bortoleto came home just 0.3s back in fourth, ahead of Gabriele Mini and Hadrien David.

Lorenzo Fluxa spent much of the race inside the top five, but gradually fell backwards. Mari Boya took seventh from the R-ace driver in the closing stages of the race, and Kas Haverkort picked up ninth.

In the rookie fight, Tim Tramnitz took the win as he came home 10th overall, just ahead of Sebastian Montoya.

Race result
Pos Driver Team Gap
1 Paul Aron Prema 16 laps
2 Dino Beganovic Prema +0.986s
3 Michael Belov MP Motorsport +5.090s
4 Gabriel Bortoleto R-ace GP +5.409s
5 Gabriele Mini ART Grand Prix +5.708s
6 Hadrien David R-ace GP +6.478s
7 Mari Boya ART Grand Prix +7.434s
8 Lorenzo Fluxa R-ace GP +8.875s
9 Kas Haverkort Van Amersfoort Racing +9.248s
10 Tim Tramnitz Trident +11.873s
11 Sebastian Montoya Prema +12.305s
12 Pietro Delli Guanti R-P-M +12.638s
13 Joshua Duerksen Arden +12.904s
14 Owen Tangavelou G4 Racing +14.781s
15 Sami Meguetounif MP Motorsport +18.419s
16 Roman Bilinski Trident +24.605s
17 Noel Leon Arden +25.498s
18 Laurens van Hoepen ART Grand Prix +25.619s
19 Matias Zagazeta G4 Racing +25.658s
20 Leonardo Fornaroli Trident +25.876s
21 Eduardo Barrichello Arden +26.186s
22 Santiago Ramos KIC Motorsport +26.754s
23 Victor Bernier FA Racing by MP +29.026s
24 Francesco Braschi KIC Motorsport +30.794s
25 Levente Revesz Van Amersfoort Racing +31.267s
26 Maceo Capietto Monolite Racing +34.681s
27 Keith Donegan R-P-M +36.464s
28 Axel Gnos G4 Racing +37.514s
29 Hamda Al Qubaisi Prema +38.912s
30 Piotr Wisnicki KIC Motorsport +41.204s
31 Pietro Armanni Monolite Racing
32 Esteban Masson FA Racing by MP
33 Nicolas Baptiste FA Racing by MP
34 Cenyu Han Monolite Racing
Ret Joshua Dufek Van Amersfoort Racing
Fastest lap: Aron, 2m00.002s

Championship standings
 Beganovic 147   2 David 82   3 Mini 77   4 Aron 73   5 Belov 71   6 Haverkort 61   7 Bortoleto 61   Boya 50   9 Montoya 20   10 Fluxa 19